Zybra- Accounting technology for small & medium businesses. - Launch Story
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February 12, 2018
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Zybra- Accounting technology for small & medium businesses.

Zybra – First step towards improving quality, efficiency & consistency of every businesses in the world.

Zybra’s mission is to help business owners save time in their business finance & accounts by providing powerful, automated & integrated platform and to create a thriving ecosystem connecting all stakeholders.

Vishal Satwara & Deep Patel are the founders of the company Zybra Private Limited. It was started in 2015 and Market Reach is both National and International.

Vishal Satwara – An inter-CA who joined VentureStudio’s fellowship program with a vision to solve the pains he & his clients faced in Accounting.

Deep Patel – He has his own Startup, InterestShip(Www.interestship.com) which is an opportunity network for students to explore, learn & grow in the domain of their interests. They met at VentureStudio and came together to solve this pain in Accounting. He personally had the same pain at InterestShip and no existing solution was able to solve it effectively.

The vision of Zybra is to remove the efforts and time wasted in using Costly, Offline & Complex accounting software & solutions in the market. And use technology & automation to provide accounting software for small & medium business which are easy to use, provide real-time data & save 80% of their time.

They faced issues like Market Penetration because of Large and/or old players in the market but now they are beating the competitors at various stages by giving better User Experience, Support & Features.

They keep the team updated with the latest technologies coming up in the market and Currently Focusing in West-zone. Expanding to major cities across India by end of 2018.

Achievements :

  1. Rising Star Award – 2017 by FinancesOnline
  2. Great User Experience – 2017 by FinancesOnline
  3. Budget Friendly Software – 2017 by SoftwareSuggest

In next 10 years, They want Zybra Private Limited to be the leader in Accounting Technology.

Website- http://zybra.in

Email- contact@zybra.in

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