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Zerodor: the story of waterless urinals

Startup : Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in: 2013

Founders: Uttam Banerjee, Sachin Joshi and Dr. V.M. Chariar


Zerodor is trying to bring the impact in society by working on water conservation, better health\hygiene and making it cost effective. Presently Zerodor has presence in India and Africa. The idea was bootstrapped before the team was able to find funding of INR 20 million from HNIs.

 The journey

Uttam Banerjee grew up in small town called Bokaro in Jharkhand. There was a beautiful river near by where he along with friends used to bath and do their day to day activities including defecation as they did not have any toilets at home. As a child he had beautiful memories of visiting that place and while growing up he never realized that it may be a way of living for all of us but a big problem for the women in our houses until he got married.

In Uttam’s words, “It was 2010 just after my marriage when one fine day I asked my wife to visit my village with me. I actually wanted to show her how beautiful the place was. The very next question she asked was “do you have a toilet in the house?”. She straight away refused to travel with me when she heard my answer. I realized that for me it may be ok and an enjoyable experience to do away with the nature’s call in the open but it is a matter of dignity and pride for the other gender. I traveled alone to my village after my marriage to cherish my beautiful childhood memories but all went into vain when I saw that the river is no more beautiful and it had eventually turned into a big drain. I was very disappointed after that particular incident and felt there is more meaningful work that I should do as an educated human being.“ One thing led to another and Uttam decided to quit his corporate job and start something meaningful to make people’s lives better. Looking back and connecting the dots, he felt water scarcity, soil and water pollution, health & hygiene and sanitation are all interlinked and needs a strong focus.

Zerodor is an attempt to recover urine and feces in pure form so that it does not pollute the soil and water and can be converted into useful fertilizer. The only way you can do this is to avoid flushing the pans. The initial iterations revolved around both urine and feces which evolved into a waterless urinal for men and women.

Solutions offered at Zerodor

  1. Zerodor Waterless Urinals: A cost effective waterless urinal without having any consumable (no recurring costs) can greatly impact the water consumption in the urban areas.   The designed product can save over 1.5 Lakh liters of fresh water in one urinal pan in a year. The amount that is currently wasted in a single urinal for flushing can support the drinking water need of 14 families for over a year. (
  2. Care Organic House Keeping Solutions and Odor removal systems:Care is a range of organic solutions with wide range of applications ranging from cleaning of floors, bathrooms to washing clothes and utensils. Care also has room fresheners which are non allergic are very effective on bad odors. ( )
  3. Care Sludge Management Solutions:Care also offers solutions to manage the fecal / organic sludge in the septic tanks as well as large STP. These solutions are free from chemicals and are completely natural. The sludge is digested in a span of 8-72 hours and converted into nutrient rich water which can be used for gardening, farming or even flushing. ( )

The day at Zerodor

Happy, Energized and Motivated. Being in a small organization, you always have limited resources and that is when all your creative juices start flowing in to get your work done with the limited resource that you have. All of us in the team handle multiple portfolios and are always excited every day. Every day is a great learning process.

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