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June 2, 2018
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Vymo-Delivers higher Field Sales Productivity for enterprises.

Vymo is an intelligent and proactive assistant for Enterprise field teams that offers multiple sales tools in a single app. Vymo is built to empower every field team to maximize conversion and sales.

Vymo allocates leads, plans schedules, prioritises activities and enables KRA-led decision making in an easy-to-use way. Every sales rep and every field person can now unlock the full value of each customer interaction and deliver results more efficiently.

Built on the strength of data and deep learning, Vymo is a smart assistant by your side, on your mobile device. User friendly, battery conscious and driven by real time updates.

Any organization looking to improve sales productivity, optimise sales practices, integrate CRM with a mobile solution should befriend Vymo.

Vymo was founded by yamini bhat in 2013. Prior to Vymo, She worked as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, where she specialized in Marketing strategy and Sales & Distribution across B2B (Banking, Credit, Insurance), B2C (Retail, Telecom) and B2B2C (fragmented distribution – Agri-inputs, Food and packaged goods).

Venkat and yamini co-founded Vymo in 2013 to to enhance sales efficiency and productivity. Since then, Vymo has worked with four of the top five banks and among the largest insurance companies in India.

During her tenure with McKinsey & Company, She and her team spend six months devising a great strategy, about six months to a year executing it and training every person on ground, and in that time frame probably most of the team would have churned and even the market context would have changed. And that was so frustrating for them!

Meanwhile, Venkat was working in the mobility team at Google, more specifically on Mobile Search and Mobile Maps. He handled Android and iOS app development for multiple products like Google Latitude, Google Places, Google Mobile Search, Google Calendar and Google Toolbar. Venkat had earlier been a research assistant to Henning Schulzrinne, former CTO for the US Federal Communications Commission and an entrepreneur with Atome, a multimodal route planner that combined air, rail, bus and road networks in India, and provided a list of optimal routes between any two cities.

 Together, Venkat and yamini are a perfect co-founding team. Whilst Venkat leads the technology team as CTO and has helped the Vymo platform scale to manage users across large clients, seamlessly, She manage the business and operational aspects of Vymo as CEO, and has led the company in signing up several large clients, including leading companies in India and Asia, and raising Series-A funding from Sequoia Capital.

Building a solution that can handle the business requirements of a field sales team spread across the country in remote regions requires innovation and creativity backed by architectural superiority. At the application level, here are some key USPs of Vymo:


– Mobile first approach to enable field teams to function remotely.

– Automated data capture and recording of all sales related activities.

– Analytics and dashboard to ensure 360° visibility into all processes.

– Intelligence suggestions to optimize activities for best outcomes.

– Configurability to enable adaptability to various process work-flows.

Vymo caught a break in Feb 2016, when SBI Life – India’s largest private Life Insurance companies, signed on for a pilot engagement to increase technology adoption among its field sales teams. In just under 8 weeks, Vymo was able to demonstrate an increase of over 77% in engagement! This led to another discovery – large enterprises seemed a surreptitious bunch; they loved working with companies that had already proved their mettle in similar companies. Today, Vymo works with four of the top five private banks and other leading organisations.

They built Vymo keeping in mind that it is supposed to help sales reps more than giving them a feeling that they are being monitored. Going forward, their focus will be to improve user experience and strengthen the tool’s intelligence to drive maximum business impact.

Overcoming the technical challenges of deploying a smart sales assistant was possible because of the immense amount of efforts put up by the Vymo team under the leadership of Venkat Malladi. His leadership styles, combined with his technical experience, helped in shaping Vymo the product it is today. 

At Vymo, they provide a mutual learning environment which is developed by a community of passionate people. The team connects well to the company vision which makes the challenging work fun. Vymo is made possible due to the combined efforts of all stakeholders and well-wishers.

“Our team is working relentlessly to create a niche in the market to provide a comprehensive tool that assists sales persons and managers a coordinated insight of customers and sellers. Vymo is pioneering with AI based sales Assistant, and we are constantly on the lookout to offer more personalized features to our clients based on their feedback” says Yamini. 

Most modern day CRMs do not have a model which actively engages with the end users. Vymo maintains a system of records and engagement, and indentifies opportunities for clients to drive conversion. Working hand-in-hand with all the hierarchies of management, Vymo provides a 360 degrees solution in managing and coordinating sales and related tasks.

Vymo is recognized as Gartner cool vendor and is the winner of CB Insights Demo Day – FinTech . 

“We built Vymo keeping in mind that it is supposed to help sales reps more than giving them a feeling that they are being monitored. Going forward, our focus will be to improve user experience and strengthen the tool’s intelligence to drive maximum business impact” added yamini.

  • Yamini Bhat (co-founder of Vymo) nominated for the ET Startup Awards: –




  • Vymo raises $5 M from Sequoia Capital: –




  • AWS Mobility Awards 2017:



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