VSSOL: First Digital Counselling Platform in india - Launch Story
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September 26, 2018
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VSSOL: First Digital Counselling Platform in india

VSSOL is a new concept of  Telephonic, Video and Email Counselling . It provides Career Counselling, Motivational Counselling, Business Projects , Motivational Seminar and Guest Lecture, Also Provide Training, Workshops and Entering into Business Growth that is as a Business Coach.

It is the First Digital Counselling Solution which takes place at your Fingertips by providing the right guidance for Career, Motivation and Entrepreneurial Opportunities. Also, it focuses the Passionate Pursuit of Satisfaction, Happiness and Success – ALL HERE AT VSSOL.

Divya Jain is the Founder of VSSOL. She did her Graduation from Indore then Pursuaded MBA from ICFAI University, Hyderabad. And then Left three Jobs in 3 months in Hyderabad. Divya Travel all over india for Seminars and Workshops. Her Team does the rest of the work. VSSOL consist of 25 Freelancers and Interns who work Whole Heartedly for Growing VSSOL Every Single Day.

“I was very keen from the early Stage to become an Entrepreneur. My mother was a driving force behind this venture as i was not happy with the job in Hyderabad So, Once on call she suggested me to go for Online Counselling. Struggles were many as my Family was not Supportive they thought what am i doing if i Left Job. Everyone use to taunt me saying that i am not Stable, What i’ll be doing in hyderabad when i left Job. I Struggled alot but my Parents and My Friends were very Supportive and Trusted me Blindly”Divya told Launch Story.

“We don’t have any Competitors in india. As this is a very new Concept adopted From UK London. Our
revenues and margins depends on the Seminars, Counselling or Workshops Attended. It Depends on events. Also, Our Future Plans is to make VSSOL an International Platform where each and every person can take Counselling at any Time from Anywhere” said Divya.

Just Believe in your Passion and in Yourself. Never Give up on Your Dreams, and Pursue Profession or Business only which makes you Happy and Satisfied – Divya Jain


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