Vidhikarya- Get legal advice and services online - Launch Story
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September 25, 2018
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Vidhikarya- Get legal advice and services online

Vidhi: (विधि) Sanskrit term which means LAW, Karya: (कार्य) Sanskrit term which means WORK!

Vidhikarya is an endeavour to help individuals and organizations to get their legal work done in a cost effective and swift manner. They all understand that legal work or any legal matter is a bit complex and tedious and they focus on other aspects of life and business rather than on the legal matters. At the same time legal matters are of utmost importance that cannot be left unattended.

So, here Vidhikarya offers a platform to all get their legal work done smoothly. It started formally in the year 2016 although it was conceptualized way back. They provide multiple channels to the Customers to connect with them and with Lawyers across the country.

SUPARNA MOITRA (Founder and Designated Partner)– She is a Computer Science Engineer and has worked in Infosys for 4 years and in Accenture for 11 years in Software Industry. She has played variety of roles in her total tenure and has led big IT delivery team. She has been in cross functional roles and has hugely worked on IT analytics and automation. Her work was well appreciated and recognized in Accenture. She quit Accenture at the peak of her career to take ahead Vidhikarya.

ABHIMANYU SHANDILYA (Co-Founder and Designated Partner)– Abhimanyu started his career with SBI then moved on to join Infosys and later worked for Hewlett Packard (HP). He quit his job for Vidhikarya and later passing on the reign to Suparna started his own practice as Advocate in Kolkata. He is an Anthropologist, Lawyer, Cyber Law expert, ex Banker, MBA and Visiting faculty to some Management Schools. Currently he plays the role of a mentor to Vidhikarya.

“We have already a successfully running Lawyer’s service provider platform for individuals and corporates. We plan to launch dedicated services for corporates. Also, we have plans to take our offering to grass root level with pan India presence and introduce innovative ways to get and deliver lawyer’s and legal services to citizens. Our focus is completely into building ourselves strong and creating a trustworthy brand. In a way we are being successful and this is the way we want to move on. We would like to tie up with government agencies to revolutionize the sector” said Suparna.

There can be hundreds of reason for not doing a thing but just one reason to do it and that’s “you just got to do it” – SUPARNA MOITRA






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