VARUN TYAGI PHOTOGRAPHY - Documentation of Hard Work - Launch Story
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February 1, 2018
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VARUN TYAGI PHOTOGRAPHY – Documentation of Hard Work

FITNESS PHOTOGRAPHY- Motivation for others

Fitness photography is much more than just capturing an image. It’s about documenting your hard work and creating something truly incredible. When it comes to getting fit, a little inspiration goes a long way. Sure, it can be tough to get motivated, but there are plenty of things to help. Reading up on fitness trends, buying awesome new workout gear, downloading a fitness app. But now we have even more exercise encouragement ” Fitness Photographers”.

Varun Tyagi India’s first Professional Fitness Photographer, based in New Delhi, works with a distinct and creative perspective. He is an Indian Book of Record Holder for clicking 61 Fitness Models in 2 hours and 34minutes for a Fitness Magazine. His market reach is national and international both. He failed in his 12th class from CBSE Board and completed his 12th from Open Schooling i.e NIOS board.Then He went to one of the finest colleges of Mass communication and Journalism to pursue his Graduation and gained his classroom knowledge . He dropped out Post Graduation In Photography from Jamia Millia Islamia University after going there for 2 days. After dropping out Post Graduation he started a News/Entertainment Web portal with one of his friend which got collapsed after 8 months.

Being a photographer his challenge was to create something different from other photographers in India. He wanted to do something what other photographers failed to do or never thought of doing. He was deeply connected to fitness since his childhood and photography since college days. He combined Fitness and Photography together and formed Fitness Photography. There was not even a single fitness photographer in the country when he initiated Fitness Photography in India from Delhi. He knew that Fitness Industry has an immense growth in India and people are getting concerned about their health and physique. Earlier a fitness model or a bodybuilder used to have their portfolio from a Fashion Photographer but somewhere a fashion photographer failed to fulfill their expectations because they focus more on looks than fitness.

His strength is editing skills and being the first comer He has a huge network in Fitness Industry around India. Also, He click inside Gym’s rather than a Studio which helps a Fitness Model or a bodybuilder to pump their body and look better.

He had a basic entry level DSLR to start with. He had no studio. He did some 15-20 Fitness Photoshoots in outdoor location and charged a basic amount of Rs. 2000-4000 initially which helped him getting some equipments. Gradually, he took outdoor shoots to indoor inside gym and people loved it. They started connecting him from Social media platform because he displayed his work in front of them. He kept the price low so that he can fetch more clients initially and set the trend of fitness photography which somewhere will influence people towards fitness photoshoots.

As a fresher we need patience for the best results. He wanted to execute international level photographs but somewhere he was not satisfied with his own results. He kept the price low, improve his skills consistently and had a lot of patience to make things happen.

He has only 1 Assistant from the day he started who is also one of his batch mate during graduation.His expansion plan is to start Fitness Cinematography in coming future.He focus more on the work than on money.

Just be the best version of you and your work. Consistently keep improvising and strategies for the future.

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