UPMETRICS - Plan Track and Grow your Business - Launch Story
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UPMETRICS – Plan Track and Grow your Business

Upmetrics- Giving Entrepreneurs a Head Start

You’ve a business idea. You know the strengths and weakness of your business model. You’ve done a thorough study on your competitors. You know how to plan, build and grow your business. And the only possible outcome is success. But how to do you start? How do you explain it to your investors?

Creating a business plan that can succinctly describe “what you are doing?” isn’t a rocket science. But when you lack expertise, it is always wise to ask for help. Here at Upmetrics, a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, promise to help you construct a polished business plan, with all the numbers, facts and narrative that you need.

Started in 2017, Upmetrics is free resource to help entrepreneurs write business plan. Led by an eclectic group of professionals with vast knowledge, experience and resources, the management team works together to provide solutions that help you grow your business in a smart, efficient and strategic manner.

Founding members :

1. Vinay kevadiya : Co-founder and CEO

2. Paresh balar : Co-founder and CTO

As a staff Upmetrics is a small team of 5 software engineers and 2 SEO/digital marketing persons.

Vinay kevadiya and paresh balar are also founders of surat based leading sofware development company infizer technology (https://infizer.com).

They found that its hard to represent a business idea to investers, it is not easy to convey investers to invest their money by just scrappy idea drawn on paper, it needs a proper business plan.

One of Vinay’s MBA friend who is a business plan writer has inspired him to build a software for business planning. It helps students/entrepreneurs to write a business plan with just moment of few clicks and small writeups, it is having automated financial forecasting tool that helps planning their startup financials .

They have spent 1.5 Million INR developing a software. Upmetrics Future plan is to build a online community around the business planning software, idea discussion and mentor advising tools.

They suggested that Title Should be Good and Not more than 70 Character.

How they are helping entrepreneurs to plan their business by using their modern business plan software?

How they have build a modern business planning software for entrepreneurs?

Product photos /explainer video etc and A team /founder’s photograph is a must.

Product video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bro0KEDFS8

And also Founder’s advice is to budding entrepreneurs.Its all build for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are working hard to bring their ideas into reality, they tried to make their life easy.

They are providing a free of cost business plan writing tool, however financial modeling tool will be paid but most of the basic version will be free and entrepreneurs/students can kickstart their business plan writing. They can easily share their business plan by online/PDF/Doc with investers.

They have 500 free beta users by end of JAN 2018, they will release paid version within this Feb, and have expectation of getting 100 paid users by first month.

Contact : https://upmetrics.co/contact-us/

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