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December 20, 2017
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Truck Suvida – Book trucks online


Transportation!!!! When this word comes in mind, it leaves with a picture of a large number of trucks standing and waiting in line. Transportation though being one of the largest segments and alone contributes around 2% of Indian GDP, but is still unorganized and lacks in basic technological upliftment.

Nowadays picture is changing with the entry of young blood in the market in the form of Startups. TruckSuvidha is such online platform connecting Transporters, Industries, and Logistics & Truck Drivers for the timely and effective communication.

TruckSuvidha came into existence with only one purpose which is to make the best use of available resources and to provide better opportunities to boost business for newcomers as well as existing players in the industry.

The word Suvidha suggests we are here to help. The idea is to bring about a change in the existing scenario and rationalize the process of booking a truck by bringing all the players online.

Before stepping into the market, TruckSuvidha founders had to undergo a deep study, where they found out that almost 24-25% of trucks available are not having drivers on them. This shows that there is an acute shortage of drivers and this lead to decrease in trucks availability to the customer. This acute shortage of truck drivers is because this profession is not considered respectful in Indian society.

TruckSuvidha also wants to revamp professional driver’s status and turn this into a profession preferred by one and all.

Though trucks are standing idle on roads they are not able to connect to the customer, who is searching for trucks. There is a big gap between the trucks available and the demand.

So, TruckSuvidha is launched with an aim of upliftment of truck drivers as well as modernization of whole transportation industry.

TruckSuvidha aims to be the one-stop shop for all transportation and freight related services.

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