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December 16, 2017
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The Story of Switch Bazaar

Everything in this start’s from a vision, from a dream, and from a very small but un-fluctuating hope that one day things will change for better, for the larger good. Every story starts like that, and today also we will talk about a similar story of hope, The Story of SwitchBazaar.

SwitchBazaar – Where does it come from?

SwitchBazaar is the dream inspired by “Make in India” and “Digital India” initiative started by Government of India under the leadership of Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. This dream was conceived and turned to realty by a young entrepreneur Ritesh Shah. SwitchBazaar is one of a kind exclusive website for electronic goods and electrical services with its key focus on enabling a healthy sustainable environment for SMEs in the sector and help them to connect with buyers al over the world.

The Story – How it all started?

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

That’s the quote Ritesh Shah had believed throughout his life. He begins his career with the unending fire as an Inplant trainee at L&T during his academic and moved along to diverse in strong multinational companies like Essar Group & Reliance Industries. He holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management from Welingkar Institute of Management along with Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, but this isn’t what makes him start “SwitchBazaar”, it’s the vision, the strong problem-solving perspective, and the ability to seeing what people usually miss is what led him to create this mega dream, SwitchBazaar. Everyone needs some specific qualities in order to create something different, to bring the innovation, and Ritesh Shah has that. He has the perspective to see things differently, and a novel innovative approach towards everything we see in this world.

The Problem & Challenge

Ritesh’s vision had always been different, so it didn’t take so long to him to see what 90% of the population of India is still ignoring. He saw the problems people are facing in sourcing and procurement transactions. He saw that the whole supply chain between industrial products is unorganized, offline, and there is no dedicated Electrical B2B marketplace which could help them in executing their business at the optimum level. The main cause of the problem is the rigidness and slow speed of Indian manufacturers to adapt technology, which was directly leading them to process inefficiencies and reducing marketing exposure as well.

This gave him a shock but at the same time inspires him to conceptualize and form a platform named SwitchBazaar where electrical suppliers can easily promote their goods & services on a global level.

Ritesh created Switch Bazaar with extremely hard work, determination and with strong man-power from different expertise. He found people who were best in their field and made them all fall in love with the idea. It took nights, hard days, and the endless struggle to solve this basic need of the market, but good things happen to those who work hard and have patience. So SwitchBazaar team does the same, they work hard and had faith through patience.

SwitchBazaar Mission:

• To be a leading electrical B2B marketplace for global trade

• To be an essential partner to all

• To empower electrical world by making easy to do business anywhere

We do this by giving necessary tools to the suppliers to reach a global audience for their products and by helping buyers to find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

SwitchBazaar – Why should we connect?

One-Stop Sourcing for all Electrical Products: SwitchBazaar brings you 600+ Sub-categories of Electrical Products in over 25 different major categories, including Switchgear, Controlgears, Fusergears, Lighting & Luminaries, Wires & Cables and many more.

Anytime, Anywhere: As a platform, SwitchBazaar continue to develop services to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities. Whether it’s sourcing from your mobile phone or contacting suppliers in their local area turn to SwitchBazaar for all your electrical needs.

Hopes for the future!

A dream has come to reality, things have begun to change and that time is not far when each and every electrical business owner (Buyer/Sellers) will utilize SwitchBazaar to solve his business needs, that’s what we wish for SwitchBazaar. SwitchBazaar has begun to simplify the unorganized supply chain with a technology-first approach and it will.

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