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THE 2 MINUTE REVOLUTION: The Art of Growing Business

From the first woman executive in the FMCG industry, who helped establish one of the most beloved and enduring brands of India—Maggi Noodles, and the spearhead of the highly effective ‘Jaago Re’ campaign for Tata Tea.

Unlike usual business books, The Two-Minute Revolution provokes you to think big-about innovation as well as excellence in on-the-ground execution.

The book talks about how leaders must keep their sights on a fast changing consumer context, how brands must find a way to be different and yet relevant, and how all businesses should keep redefining their boundaries to grow. Maggi in the 1970’s was a brand with an international footprint, found mainly in the heavy noodle-eating countries of South East Asia. Bringing it to an Indian rice-eating context seemed almost ludicrous back then. It took some amount of foresight, an appetite for risk and a brilliant execution, to make that brand the phenomenon it is today. It is found in every household kitchen, regardless of the marital status or age of the residents. Teenagers and parents eat it with equal gusto today. But it didn’t start that way and it certainly wasn’t an easy journey. It’s smart Marketing and Branding that changes habits and behaviours. There are many stories behind the Maggi launch that will leave the brand managers and leaders of today awestruck, and in this book they are told from the point of view of the person who was in the trenches, dreaming the brand in to existence.

The corporate corridors in India are going through an exciting shift. Large businesses may face serious competition from a 2-year old company with a single product line. Machines may soon become customers and distribution channels may rest only on the cloud. But through all this, businesses and brands must find a way to grow leaps and bounds. That is the veritable truth behind revolutionary businesses.

Drawing from decades of first-hand experience in Nestle, Tata Tea and Mattel, Sangeeta Talwar prescribes a plan of action that includes tactics such as keeping all the balls in the air, executing to perfection, being consumer obsessed and pivoting on profitability.

About the author

Sangeeta Talwar, an IIMC graduate, joined Nestle as one of the first business women in the Indian FMCG sector and rose quickly through the ranks. Talwar broke the glass ceiling and was acknowledged as one among Business Today’s 30 Most Powerful Women in Business thrice. The creator of iconic brands and several path-breaking initiatives, she has held CXO-level positions across leading organisations in India and abroad. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Talwar is now a strategy consultant, an author, an independent directory on several boards and a diversity speaker.

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