See the Journey of "Mohit Jajoo", Executive Director & CEO of Shubhashish Group - Launch Story
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See the Journey of “Mohit Jajoo”, Executive Director & CEO of Shubhashish Group

Mohit Jajoo is an entrepreneur, visionary, humanitarian, and life-long learner and one who finds delight in giving back to the society and nature whenever he gets a chance. Questing the approaches driven by conventional wisdom and going an extra mile to innovate or even challenge them thrills him. For him, being the executive director and CEO of multiple startups including SITSL and Shubhashish Group of Companies is just a beginning; the horizon of his aspirations expands so much broader than that. Entrepreneurship and serving to social causes run in his blood. He carries with him the business legacy of his father J. K. Jajoo.

Born and brought up in the pink city, the blend of the ancient and modern architecture of it, always used to mesmerize Mohit. The interest later became his inspiration behind pursuing the degree course in Architecture from MNIT, Jaipur after achieving 1043rd rank in India (63rd in Rajasthan) in the AIEEE where the number of aspirants can reach up to 10 Lakhs. While he had an interest in the architecture, his aim was to join and grow his family business to an unprecedented level of success.

To learn the essentials of business and economics, he enrolled himself in the University of Oxford, Oxford for a summer course. Since then, he has been playing a pivotal role in a number of family businesses including IT services, airport management, logistics, packaging, real estate, and wealth management.

Mohit has been directly associated with the Shubhashish Group and the group’s companies since 2011. The dawn of his professional career hit the road when he played a major role in setting up the airport management company at Jaipur, Udaipur, and Dehradun airports to handle ground operations for various international airlines. He led a team of 450+ people along with taking care of the complete operations, equipment procurement, agreements & contracts, and also the commercial part of it.

In his early twenties, he dared to take a well-planned & successful step in making the group enter in the packaging industry by establishing an advanced and top-grade packaging solution for the acclaimed brand – Birla White Cement (a part of Ultra Tech Cement, a Fortune 500 company). He feels contented in admitting that overseeing multiple and diverse subdivisions (land & machine procurement, construction, plant erection, & inauguration) of a gigantic & cardinal plant with a daily production capacity of a staggering 160+ tonnes, wasn’t easy. However, his steadfastness helped him carry it forward to the final endpoints.

Core Team Members:

Mohit Jajoo

Executive Director & CEO

Mohit Jajoo carries with him the business legacy of his father and for Shubhashish Group, his aspirations are no less profound than his father’s. He is an Architect by qualification and completed his Architecture from one of the leading institutes of the country “Malviya National Institute of Technology.”

Atul Gupta


Atul, the Chief Operating Officer of Shubhashish IT Services (SITSL) has always had a keen interest in the state-of-the-art technology trends, software project management, and business development. Research, analytics, and innovation are the key tools by which he boosts businesses towards a path of success.

Being a strong professional, skilled in Business Process, Service Delivery, Project Governance, Requirements Analysis, and Agile Methodologies, his aim is to strengthen the roots of SITSL while reaching out the maximum number of satisfied customers.

Nitin Sethi

Lead Business Analyst & Scrum Master, Head, Govt Projects

Nitin Sethi is undoubtedly a go-getter. A self-motivated, agile, and ingenious professional who knows how to get things done in the best possible way. With over 8 years of experience, Nitin had pursued his bachelor of engineering in computer and MBA in project management.

From collecting and analyzing the project’s business requirements to preparing accurate and detailed SRS documents, communicating with the clients, and managing the whole development process, he excels in any task he grabs.

Shruti Mittal

Director, Business Development

After pursuing engineering in computer science, her intense curiosity in software technology pulled Shruti into the landscape of business development where she made a significant mark through her convincing, technical, and leadership skills.

Shruti Mittal, has over 8.5+ years of experience in business development and has set some of the renowned businesses on the growth route. She specializes in identifying and developing new streams for long-term revenue growth and maintaining relationships with clients to achieve repeat/ referral business.

Bhushan Patel

Marketing Technologist

Bhushan Patel is a digital marketing specialist who strives to use innovation as his tool and analytics as his motivation. Being a quick learner, he bagged multiple world-class certificates in his portfolio. Whether it’s a design of a website, content, or the SEO, he knows it well.

Bhushan’s core competencies revolve around Google Ad Words management, analyzing requirement and providing web, social media, & eCommerce promotions, and coordinating with designing & development teams. In a nutshell, his passion and expertise clearly reflect through his work.

Soniya Maheshwari

Financial Officer

Sonia Maheshwari is a distinguished chartered accountant who is specialized in managing various accounting standards. She pursued her CA in taxation, accounts, and finance from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Her age-old experience in accounting makes her a proficient accountant. Her job responsibilities include auditing accounts, providing financial advice and giving clients trustworthy information about their financial records.

Chetan Singh Rathore

Manager – Partner Relations

Like the center of a cobweb delicately holds all the tangible and fragile strings, maintaining the harmony, Chetan, since he came aboard on SITSL, he established himself as that navel point of the firm throughout his journey.

Promptly troubleshooting a stubborn networking issue employing his keen skillset to work to find the root of the problem and putting a permanent end to it has always been his thing. However, growing as going is what he aspire to maintain his job.

SITSL – Shubhashish IT Services Ltd.

Four years back, in 2015, Mohit co-founded the IT wing (SITSL) of the Shubhashish Group by taking over a small company, with a sole ambition to deliver avant-garde and extremely cost-effective software and application development solutions to clients over the globe. In no time, the team expanded from a mere figure of 20 to a proficient clique of a CMMI level 3 appraised IT services integrator cum consultancy company having a presence in 16 countries (5 continents). Moreover, in this little span of time, they have worked with some celebrated government bodies and firms including UNICEF, Govt. of Rajasthan, Coca-Cola, EO, Vouch, and TVS.

“We made it a point to slowly expand our firm’s offering from web & mobile app development to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things, Salesforce, AR/VR, chatbots and digital marketing while collaborating with tech leaders in diverse fields. Now, we are one of the few companies globally that offer all these state-of-the-art services under one roof says Bhushan.


Their aim is to expand SITSL’s presence to 118 cities across the globe by Dec 2019 and take it to a level where they become the only company in the world that offers all kinds of IT services catering to small startups as well as large-scale enterprises.

Exploring, investing, and mentoring small startups has always been Mohit’s hobby. As a result, he, through SITSL have already developed three startups – Aretha Jewels, SITSL Wedding app, and SITSL HR. Aretha is an Omnichannel fashion jewelry firm, which has already established 24 retails touch points and sells online through website and marketplaces.

Bhushan says “One of our creative products, SITSL Wedding App (previously known as The Shaadi App) has been booked to be used in 560+ weddings just in a span of four months. Elevated by its success in India, we decided to rename it. Moreover, the appreciations we received from our customers, was thrilling. The latest on our product line is SITSL HR software – a first of its kind, fully chatbot-driven human resource software is soon going to be unveiled shortly.”

Social Contribution of Mohit Jajoo

He was the youngest member (from the age of 8) of Jagriti NGO (Jagriti as adopted more than 4,000 slum children and runs 14 schools in slums) since its inception. His father, J. K. Jajoo instilled in him the value of serving the society, observing the lives of the underprivileged ones and meticulously coming up with some degree of solutions. He contributed a lot in terms of volunteering for various social causes like plantations, mobile mortuary service, school construction, cancer camps, and Sansksar camps in the Jagriti NGO. He his also a member of the Rotary Club Jaipur Midtown.

Future Plans

They recently dared to visualize a big dream to achieve $100 million in revenue by the end of 2020 from SITSL. The complete SITSL’s team is sure that once put together the team’s concentrated efforts, dexterity, and innovative approaches. The primary agenda behind this vision was to bolster Mohit’s father’s dream i.e. to let Jagriti become a self-sufficient NGO and make Jaipur the first city of the country to have 100% child education rate by 2025.

Mohit’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

An anticipation of outcomes before taking the next step is crucial. Without a thorough research, it’s almost impossible to anticipate the ramifications of your action. Big achievers and leaders stand still until there’s a well-researched report are in their hand. This principle of research applies everywhere be it friendship, investments, business decisions, tie-ups, and anything else.

Documentation comes next. In the corporate landscape, things just don’t happen in the air. You need presentations, documents, and a planned strategy before you set up a meeting. Words that flow as you speak fade away but once they are written, they have value.

Wise people make mistakes, they learn, and they move on. They don’t repeat them. For me, boosting my digital marketing service to a ‘celebrated’ status wasn’t a cake walk. Sometimes, we would work night shifts. Sometimes, when there was no one available to take client’s call, I handled that all by myself and even packed a few good deals in my bag.

In these 3 years, I have realized that no matter how hard you try, how many sacrifices you make, and what level of strategic planning you pull off, certain shortcomings will be there. While avoiding the harsh part isn’t an option, learning is the only thing you can embrace.

Why SITSL Stands Out

In just a short span of 4 years, they became a CMMI Level 3 Appraised IT Service Provider. Furthermore, it has always been their tendency to provide quick and high-quality services with a native touch to clients over the globe. As a result, they gradually enhanced their presence from a single city to 13 countries (5 continents). On the other hand, they are from a few startups IT companies in Indian who along with Mobile and Web development, offers services in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Chatbots, AI, BI, and the Internet of Things. In other words, their quick response rate due to a presence in multiple locations, elaborated service offerings, awards & recognition, and quality services makes them different from others.

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