Open Innovation Lab- Promotes Technology Innovations by engaging young minds - Launch Story
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Open Innovation Lab- Promotes Technology Innovations by engaging young minds

Open Innovations Lab promotes Technology Innovations by engaging young minds with their creative ideas and technical skills in an open environment.

As an innovator, you need an open platform to enrich an array of techniques ranging from problem isolation, ideation, brain-storming and concept development. Their ideal playground is in the field of emerging technology. Each and every project that OIL work upon comes with a variety of challenges and that in essence makes the whole scenario interesting and exciting for you get an excellent opportunity to put your skills to test and bring about that change the world has been waiting. You can collaborate on any prototype which finds you interesting or suits with your skill set.

Sanjay Jangid, Founding Board Member of Open Innovations Lab with previous experience of Software Engineering with MNC. Now advocating open innovations at corporate level and leading a team of professionals at OI Lab whose mission is to help identify and implement latest or trending tech products. Mentor of change with Atal Innovation Mission by NITI AYOG.

“As I am from a Marwari business class family my interest in entrepreneurship right from the childhood, where I learned about what makes business sustainable. I’d love to be part of a startup where I can develop this knowledge in a hands-on way, and hope to use this knowledge to eventually lead a team of my own. We started from creating some tech prototypes which didn’t succeed but in reward of that we thought that there should be an open platform where any innovator could try on his/her wild idea where he can get validation, co-creation and implementation support and OIL came up.” says Sanjay

500+ techno giants/experts connected on OIL Platform. An ecosystem of 500+ global innovators form fluid cross-functional teams to deliver integrated tech innovations.

OILab is planning to conducts design thinking workshop around the technical colleges to inspire innovations culture and onboard more innovators to the platform. 


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