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February 8, 2018
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February 12, 2018
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Nojoto- An App to share your Interest & Showcase Your Talent

Nojoto- An Interest Based Network

Why are some people more successful than others? Leaving aside luck, which equates to confessing that we don’t really know, there are really just two explanations: talent and effort. Talent concerns the abilities, skills, and expertise that determine what a person can do. Effort concerns the degree to which the person deploys their talents.

Finding amazing talent is a tricky process. Here is an app NOJOTO that brings people together around their common interests and help them “Interact” & “Transact”.

Ever since the dawn of civilisation, human beings have always been a part of one tribe or another, brought together by their shared interests and a common way to communicate the same.

Evolution of humanity is propelled by constant innovation, creativity & talent.

Whether it is an Interest or its pursuit, if we could connect passionate people pursuing a passion with other people who have Similar Interest – then the journey of one individual becomes collaborative, motivating and fun.

Hence, connecting people who share common interest became so imporant, so that these amazing people could come together, form a community, learn from each other and help propel Creativity & Innovation.

With this thought in mind the Co-founder Satyaprem Upadhyay built Nojoto.

wherein you can:

  • Showcase your interest, your creativity, your talent – And they make sure that your Interest reaches all people across the world.
  • Discover other people with similar interest across the world, or just near you.

Become evangelist for your interest – In your City, your Country, or across the World.

Name of the company is NJT Network Private Limited and Started in 2017 . His market reach is both National and International.

Nojoto is A Talent Network, with the mission to Enable Creative Talents across Genres to Showcase & monetize his/her passion.

Nojoto is available as an Android App & helps people:

  • Broadcast their creative expression via visually stunning Video, Audio, Text, Images & Get recognized

Nojoto’s App Link:

A Fast Growing Community of Writers, Poets, Artists, Comedians, Musicians, Photographers & more.

  • Being a theatre artist,Satyaprem Upadhyay felt the need for a platform where he could showcase his Talent, connect with other talents & find more opportunities. He left his Job at Snapdeal’s JV as Chief of Staff in Oct’ 2016 , and spoke to 5000+ Artists to define the problem areas & built a prototype, which was loved by people, and they started using it.

After six months of concept validation and developing MVP, they were five co-founders with Kamal Singh Chauhan, heading Technology, Amit Kumar – Heading Mobile, Mukesh Poonia -Heading Design, Front end and Production and Himanshu heading Growth. They all know each other from before, and have been friends, and in June’17 decided to come together to start this fantastic journey.

His vision behind starting this company is to Enable Creative Talents across Genres to Showcase & monetize his/her passion.

Its a Team of 5 Co-Founders with Complimentary Skills & 3 more in Growth. Together with 200+ City Leaders, Nojoto Entrepreneurs who help them with lot of different things, and a Community of 20,000+ Talents who have showcased their Talent on Nojoto.

They bootstrapped till they found the product market fit, and later raised angel capital from Maneesh Goel, CFO, PayU & a Musician – who both loved the concept.They are Team of 20,000+ Talents who believe in the vision, and working together to grow fast across India.

There were challenges, but he was a Founding member & Marketing, Product head at Den Snapdeal TV-Shop earlier & having built 250 Cr business earlier,He knew there will be challenges, but the only method that works for startups is “If you get Punched, Learn, And fight back”.

There were some learning gaps, but they worked for 16-18 hours a day non-stop and built. They also suggests If you get stuck – Ask people, Ask Google, Ask Platforms. Go outside, find the solution and implement it.

He stuck on Image Compression Algorithm, Audio mixing technology, and then posted questions on NextBigWhat, StackOverFlow – and found the solution & implemented.

They were initially team of 5, and with all core skills in-house. Rest they kept finding people like them, who are fighters, and found amazing few amazing guys – Arun, Moksha, Rahul, Ankit .

In Media Entertainment business, led by Technology – Innovation & Execution speed are two core pillars.

They launched Nojoto Voice, the most innovative method to share your story, add background music like Flute, Guitar, and is most loved and first of a kind And till today, they believe – Move Fast Break Things.

They are growing at 2X every month, and you will soon see huge expansion.

  1. They have done 45+ events across 21 Cities in 120 Days.
  2. They Covered by 40+ Newspapers such as Business Standard, Outlook, Tribune.
  3. They Covered by platforms such as Quint, ScoopWhoop, Buzzfeed & 100+
  • Built 250+ Revenue business with Investment less than Million Dollars @ Den Snapdeal, and turning profitable in second year.
  • And a lot of stuff, before that – available in Linkedin.

India will see 500 Mn users coming online in next 5 years, and with less than 1% content available on internet, there will be huge demand of local language content. Enabling talent to showcase writing, poetry, comedy, music etc – creates content for India in their language.

They today have 40,000+ content pieces on Nojoto, which are read more than 30 Million times in last 4 months.

Indian language Internet & Content Business – is going to be massive in next 5 years, and They are planning to do 100,000 USD of revenue in 2018, and 8 Mn USD by 20-21.

Share your talent –

Download Nojoto (from Playstore)

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

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