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October 1, 2018
October 3, 2018
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MyWays: First step towards an effective career decision

MyWays helps educators fully prepare the students of today for a challenging, unpredictable tomorrow.

The fact that students make career decisions on the basis of societal accord and placement statistics brings to light why more than two-thirds of the employees plan to quit their jobs, high no. of graduates remain jobless and about 1000 students drop out every year from top institutes of the country like IITs. Peer pressure, parental expectations and limited knowledge about one’s own competence and aligned career choices make students succumb to incorrect career choices, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction at work.

With the vision of making individuals able to make and pursue a well informed and independent career choice, MyWays, a team of students from IIT Delhi and Delhi University, began working with the students of schools and colleges in 2017, helping them choose an appropriate career for themselves in order to achieve professional goals and develop a well-defined strategy to become what they want to be. MyWays believes in the motto I Reflect I Explore I Create. MyWays, has developed a three-dimensional framework to solve career woes-Introspection, Information, and Iteraction. It offers introspective workshops to college students to help them discover their skills and interests and improve their decision-making abilities through inner exploration and a psychology enabled ecosystem. This is combined with practical exposure, career mapping through machine learning and mentor guidance.

“I always wanted to be a doctor, but due to a mistake in the formalities (Laughing), I got commerce in my school. Fearlessly, I shifted to Science after spending one year in commerce after class 11th. After spending some more time in school, realizing the bull shit going on in the education system, I decided to pursue open schooling to get the ‘qualification required’. Simultaneously I took up a job as a travel consultant and explored managerial roles at an NGO. This is where I found the true learning in life, which I want, that every student should have a true balance of theory, practical experience and satisfaction.”, says Ena Roy, the co-founder of MyWays who met Pallabi Mandal, a final year student at NSIT who attended one week of classes at Miranda House during her first year to pursue her interest in Economics but as not being an engineer or doctor is considered as disgraceful by many, she ended up doing Engineering against her real will. They feel that this is not something that they would want to leave their future generations into. Together with an IIT Delhi chap, Samyak, who wants to end this infamous race for IITs resulting from lack of awareness of career options, this triad is working with the students under their venture, MyWays, helping them in making well informed and independent career decisions with the help of their unique 3-I model.

Having held 9 successful workshops so far with appreciative reviews from the participants from over 20 colleges including IIT Delhi, Amity, NSIT, Hindu, Miranda and many other colleges of Delhi University, MyWays has built an innovative network called MyPeers Network to help students connect with like-minded peers with complementary skills in order to facilitate co-creation. In addition, participants would be mentored by experts called MyMentors. To carry further the impact of the introspection workshop, regular meetups are also organized. The opportunity network has been instrumental in helping the participants find internships matching their interests and skill sets. Participants have been connected to various opportunities in the field of Marketing, Policy Making, Communication and PR, Management and the list is ever expanding.

From a humble team strength of 3, today MyWays stands strong with 9 passionate young change makers from IIT Delhi, NSIT and Delhi University. The team enjoys a tasteful diversity of students from engineering, economics, business, and psychology. Samyak Jain, a final year BTech student at IIT, Pallabi Mandal, a final-year B.E (ECE) student at NSIT and Ena Roy, a working professional, who has worked with BloodConnect and as travel consultant, currently pursuing 12th from NIOS are the founding team members. The other 6 gems in the team are Abhineet (AKTU), Akshay, Aman and Kumar Shubham (IIT Delhi), Priya (DU) and Shradha (NSIT)

This journey has been a roller coaster ride for these 3 entrepreneurs. Still being in college, initially they found it very difficult to cope up with studies. But as destiny would have it, if you are passionate about something, the world would make it possible for you. Skipping the fancy pay packages that they offer at such top institutes like IIT and NSIT and facing the criticism at times, these guys are really making their life worthy. “When your family is standing with you, you fear nothing”, says Pallabi.

Their future plans aim at making collaborations with various schools and colleges and student bodies to make career decisions more fun-filled and less burdensome. The expansion plans include collaborations with field experts like career counselors, psychologists and including more innovations through technology and innovative experiential programs.

Their target is to reach out to maximum number of students and replace the conventional idea of choosing a career with creating one on your own.

“Building a team and trusting the people in it is the key. If you are able to build a team that can discuss and argue during the decision-making process and still stands together to feel for and work for the cause and to share its views openly, you are on the right track!” – Samyak Jain

MyWays can be reached out on the website at or via email on Their presence on social media can be felt at


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