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Media Industry got their First Social Network with name of Indian Reporters

There are many startups in Information services space, but founders of this startup strongly believe that they have introduced a whole new creative Idea by introducing a Social network of News Makers means Journalist. In other words they have created a new segment in the industry. is the single and India’s First platform for Indian Reporters (Journalist) where every journalist gets all the information of Media Industry. It will provide the Job Information in Media Industry, Profile of Media House, Ratings, what people say about that media house, what their employee speaks about them, everything if beneficial for Reporters and even Journalist can build their network, can learn things from seniors with Social Network Building.

About Founder: Dr. Arpan Jain

He is PhD holder in Journalism and also An Engineer (Computer Science Engineering) from the RGPV Bhopal, have more than 10 years of service and IT Industry experience in multiple segments. For last 8 years He is involved as a First generation entrepreneur in managing company in Software development. He has gathered vast experience in Research and Development, Finance, Administration, Production, and marketing. He visited various geographies across India for the business purpose and got exposure of International Market, International Business, Culture and Ethics.

Key Personnel:

Dr. A.S.Jain (BE in Computer Science, MBA, PhD), Founder and CEO
Dr. Priti Surana (MA, DTP) Editor
Er. Harshvardhan Gupta (BE &PGDM- Business Entrepreneurship) Ideation Amplifier
Mr. Mridul Joshi (Graduate in Designing) Graphic designer

“Indian Journalist talent is wondering on more social network sites like Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter and all but these are the generalized site and this site is not providing Job information in Media House. Many of Media houses is not on the generalize social network. Even we are not finding better options for Journalism students, not available any single option for Media man delicately” said Dr. Arpan.

For the solving of Indian Journalists problem, comes in the market. Indian Reporters, the India’s coming largest network dedicated for Indian Reporters / Journalist with 35 States and union territories of India.

Future plans:

✓  Connect with Other Reporters of India.
✓  Get information on 10000 + Media Houses.
✓  Explore Career in Journalism Country wide.
✓  Get the Job Information of Media Houses.
✓  Chance to Interact with Expert Journalists of India.
✓  Read Latest Articles on Journalism.
✓  Get the News of Journalist countrywide.

There is no shortcut of Success, when you do your work dedicatedly then success will defiantly kiss you. Another thing Network is net worth in this age. –Dr.arpan Jain


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