Karkhana Makerspace – A Makerspace & STEAM Education Centre - Launch Story
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June 29, 2018
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Karkhana Makerspace – A Makerspace & STEAM Education Centre

Karkhana is a MAKERSPACE, and they call themselves Karkhanites. Bunch of tech enthusiast who loves to make things and figure out creative hacks from other stuff. In brief, KARKHANA is the modern day tree house.

Siddharth Bhatter, Entrepreneur monk, Founder of Karkhana Makerspace, Mentor of Change at AIM-Government of India, Microsoft Innovative Educator and Technical Consultant. Expertise in Electronics, Embedded Systems and IoT domain, He provides hands-on learning to engineering students on trending electronics trends.

Karkhana Makerspace is an education-focused maker space that combines the best parts of school classes, trade schools, R&D labs, and dream garages, all in one place. With over a dozen subject areas, they have classes that can take anyone from absolute beginner all the way to expert and anywhere in between. During business hours they serve educational, organizational, and corporate clients. Evenings and weekends they are a pure community makerspace.

Karkhana Makerspace was born when one day a father and a child came around this place looking for some help with his son’s science project from school. Siddharth helped them out to make it from scratch, and that’s it. The work was over but something kept lingering in the back of his head. He was thinking,”what if I can provide people a platform where they can come and make something useful, that’s still not available. Or what if, it just a space where one can freely craft their imaginations into objects of showcase, wouldn’t it be nice“.

As products come from factories, so does ideas from the human mind. Thus KARKHANA the name.

“To be frank, we faced lot of hurdles in the juvenile stage, which is evident in any start up. However what was sown at New Delhi now has extended its branches to Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Just in few days we will inaugurated our more branched. So we believe that over time, it will be a huge brand in the market of education and start-ups ventures” says Siddharth.

“As per the revenue, it is tremendous as education is one the necessary requirement in India and most specifically industry required skill set based education is highly in demand. Technology shift every second so industry also shifts to trend, but education takes decade to shift. So student or professional look for a place for leaning and hands on practice. Revenue is in millions in our current stage” added Siddharth.

In Future, Karkhana is to be a most technological makerpsace in India. Plan to setup in all tier 1 cities down the line 5 years. To bring more skilled person and industry in India from Silicon Valley or most technologies hub on world.

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish~ Siddharth

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