JUJU Jackets - Get your JuJu on - Launch Story
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December 30, 2014
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JUJU Jackets – Get your JuJu on

JUJU Jackets a clothing company born out of love and passion in Canada.

JuJu is often referred to magic or someone’s magical aura. In certain gypsies and their communities, it is also translated as Good Luck. But we perceive JuJu to mean everything you love and passionate about and with the same feeling JuJu jackets come into existence.

“Your jacket becomes a part of you. A piece of you that completes you when you decide to enter the outside world” – Jujujackets.com

Rightly said on the website, each clothing you own or wear becomes a part of you. It is how you would be known as or referred to or perceived and even looked upon, like literally. Jackets are on top of all layers and hence they need to resonate with you personally to reflect your life, your personality and even your feelings for the day.

Even the names of their jackets are something beyond ordinary and there are a few that I would buy just because of their name like History Eraser. Look at that, a beautiful jacket that comes with an even more beautiful name. Imaging going through a rough phase in life or a bad break up, don your history eraser and let past be in the past and erase all history while making your runway move to a wonderful day ahead and a wonderful future.

Their jackets are also quite extraordinary and may not be on the shopping list for everyone. But who so ever gets them will be the talk of the town and I can not imagine anyone wearing anything but that on a cold Canadian winter day.

To check out more products or buy, visit – http://jujujackets.com

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