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Internshala- Internships that matter

An internship can change your life’, says everyone who has ever done any relevant internship.It’s a job before the actual job, a peek into your career before it actually starts. You will go to the office (unless you do a work-from-home internship), have real responsibilities, learn new skills and utilize your existing ones (if any), and get paid (generally).Companies hire interns round the year, but most students do internships during summers and winter breaks because they have no exams during this time and lesser curriculum engagements.There are many students who even do internships round the year; work-from-home internships can be a real awesome experience!

How to find that awesome internship?

Start with Internshala where you have more than 40000+ employers listing their internship requirements.You could talk to your college Training and Placement Cell (T&P Cell).They are in constant touch with employers and a word of recommendation from your professor opens many doors for you. But T&P cell can only help you bag internships during the vacation.Use the internet to scour for internship openings. Many company websites post internship requirements and ask you to mail your resume directly to them.An internship can pave your way to that dream job. An internship can change your life. Stand out. Find an internship today! For the best internships visit here.

Internshala was founded by Sarvesh Agrawal on 29th December 2010. He comes from a middle-class business family in Nawalgarh, Rajasthan. In 2001, He joined IIT Madras to pursue Integrated B.Tech and M.Tech in Civil Engineering and post his graduation, joined Capital One in the UK as a Business Analyst. Before starting up Internshala, He also worked with Barclays and Aviva plc.Internshala’s vision is to create a world full of opportunities for every student.Internshala’s strength is its culture ( and how all of them live it everyday.

For example, Value of Make it happen has had a massive impact on their execution capabilities – there is a high sense of ownership across the board and people are used to work with limited resources and time and still getting things done. Similarly relentless pursuit of excellence drives them to push the bar higher every time and in everything they do. Their culture of users at the heart of everything they do helped them become an extremely customer centric organisation that users love. Do the right thing meant they could build strong trust with community of users, partners, and everyone in the eco-system while seek and give feedback allowed them to build an open and transparent organisation which values open and direct communication.All of this together has helped Internshala become one of the most loved brands among its users and a workplace that team of internshala feel proud about. This pride translates into a high trust, high ownership, and high performance environment that it at the heart of Internshala’s growth.

Sarvesh started Internshala as a blog focusing on internships in Dec. 2010 along with his day job and once it became popular among students who were looking for internships and start-ups who were looking for interns, He left his job and started devoting full time to it. For initial two years (till Dec. 2012), He was operating out of a study room in his home in Gurgaon and had a team of virtual interns (hired through Internshala!) helping him with different aspects of business. Gradually they built a team, moved out of home to an office (and have outgrown 4 of them), turned the blog into a full fledged platform and scaled up. Today, They are world’s largest internship and online training platform in terms of users and a 70 member team based out of Gurgaon.Now, over 60% of their permanent team members started as interns first. Interns bring in fresh ideas and a new perspective which has helped them grow the business and stay up-to-date with the market trends.

At Internshala, They invest time on mentoring new team members and have a fully blown 6 months engagement plan for interns to create a meaningful internship experience for them. In case of interns, they spend time setting up the ground rules (some of them may not really know behaviours that team takes for granted among professionals), explain them about the work in detail and expectations from them, understand their expectations from the internship and get them excited about vision. They also assign them a ‘buddy’ (who could be another intern) to help her understand not just the work and culture, but also to gel with the team easily.

They always focused on measuring success on the number of students who actually get an internship through Internshala. Last year this number was 42,000 and this year it would grow to 100,000+.The key challenge to achieve that goal (& Internshala’s mission of a meaningful internship on every resume) would be to upskill the students. Far too many students lack the necessary technical and soft skills to get an internship and get rejected when they apply. To bridge this gap is essential and central to Internshala’s existence and with online training platform and advent of social media and technology in general, they are on the way to solve this challenge.Their internship platform is free for students and companies (while others provide freemium for both or charge one side) and they publish only with-stipend internships on the platform (except NGOs) and verify every company before listing – this has helped them win the trust of both the students and companies and build a quality business.

Expansion plan

With +2.5 Mn registered students, Internshala is just getting started. While they will continue to strengthen their presence in cities and metros (where most of the current students and internships come from), they have also started concentrated efforts in smaller cities (and towns and villages subsequently) this year onward to take the message of meaningful internships and online trainings to youth there as well. Historically, there is no dearth of talent in their tier 2/3 cities – they need to bring awareness and opportunities to them if India were to reap true benefits of its demographic dividend. As dug deeper, they found that far too many students lack the necessary technical and soft skills to get an internship and got rejected when they applied. Bridging this skill gap is essential and central to Internshala’s existence because of which they launched Internshala Trainings, an online training platform.


Internshala has been finalists of People Matters Spotlight Awards for Tech HR’15 and Tech HR’16 and recently received an award from HRAI for the special initiative, ‘Internships for Women’. Apart from that, they are the official internship partner for AICTE and skill development organisations like TASK (in Telangana), APSSDC (in Andhra Pradesh), and ICTAK (in Kerala).

Core values and principles

Sarvesh says “The team at Internshala has focused and invested in building a great culture( more than the business from Day 1. Our culture has acted as the guiding principle for us.We are proud of the fact that we are among the few organisations in the country which have actually understood that culture is nothing but our actions and values that we exhibit everyday and is not something which is just stuck on the walls. For us a great workplace is more than swanky offices, cool decor, monthly parties, and other perks. Our work is driven by the culture and we follow it every day. In fact, the platform and the team as a whole are the results of our culture. For example, once ‘Make it Happen’ became our culture, we never had to worry about ownership. Similarly, having ‘Customer at the Heart’ meant we would serve the customers in the best possible way in everything we do”.

In general, the world will be a happier place if everyone was doing what they loved and could build a successful career in that. Far too often they end up living lives that could have been so much more fulfilling and satisfying than one they choose (rarely by choice and mostly by chance). Especially in India, we rarely figure out what our passion is and even more difficult is to get relevant exposure and build skills in that domain.

In 10 years, Internshala should have solved this problem for each of the 30 million college students in India to begin with where they put them on a career path that can truly do justice to their potential and help them live what they love. A happy career does not just mean a happy individual, it means a happy family and a happy nation too. And great things happen when people do what they truly love to do.


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