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InPadel- Want To Set Up A Padel Court?

InPadel is a state-of-the-art company offering quality Padel solutions, involving design, construction, installation and management of facilities integrated with coaching and organizing events/tournaments.It was founded by Bhavish Bachu.InPadel provides ready to install courts that satisfies all international standards and regulations.Their team of skilled installers will install the court and ensure a safe playing environment.They strive to achieve the highest standard of deliverance while organising events for clients. Their objective is to continuously improve on creativity and conceptualisation using various research

Padel is a mix of tennis and squash. It is played in Doubles-only and is officially the fastest growing sport in the world. In 2014, it overtook Tennis, to become the second-most played sport in Spain.

  • An easy, enjoyable and engaging racket sport.
  • The Padel court can be installed outdoors and indoors. Indoor is more favorable as it can be operational throughout the year.
  • Faster learning curve as compared to other racket sports.
  • Padel court occupies only 2,200 sq.ft. of space, makes it an effective solution for anyone who is interested to increase their return on investments.
  • Ideal locations to set-up the court includes Tech Parks, Residential Complex or Sports Complex and Educational Institutions.


  • Padel is now played in more than 30 Countries across the World.
  • In few European Countries there are more Padel players than Tennis.
  • In Spain and many European countries, most of the Tennis Courts have been converted to Padel Courts. Mainly due to the high return on investment and better utilization of space. (1 Tennis court can accommodate approximately 3 Padel courts with 3×4=12 players )
  • After football, Padel is the major revenue generating sport across Clubs in Europe. (Industry worth estimated at 500 million Euros)


  • Suitable for all ages and genders.
  • Very exciting and addictive, being a socially enjoyable sport.
  • Improves agility and fitness levels.
  • Improves strategic thinking and the bond between players.
  • Rallies are around 60% to 70% longer than tennis because of the walls, which play an integral part in the game.
  • It has gained huge acceptance and popularity among the corporate crowd due to its simplicity and similarities to other racket sports.
  • Being a new sport in India it is always a proud feeling of being a part of something unique and exciting.
  • The ideal sport for the western expat community.


Padel In Europe
Padel – UK
Watch Novak Djokovic playing Padel
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Inpadel’s vision is to Expand the sport of Padel throughout India and Padel as a preferred racquet sport. Their mission is to Promote and Develop Padel in India,Offer Quality Padel services,Create and expand Padel communities.


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