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November 6, 2018
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November 14, 2018
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Innovative product for absorbing toxic gases from surrounding environment

Smog-eating concrete (or photocatalytic concrete) was developed back in 2017 by Parth Katara and professor Manshing. It was meant to act as a self-cleaning cement that would be an ingredient in concrete, but was later proved to be capable of getting rid of pollution in the surrounding air. Reducing the levels of certain pollutants by 90-95%, depending on local conditions and the amount of exposed surface area. But how does this product work?

Photocatalytic concrete uses titanium dioxide (TiO2) which is main reason behind poverty health of Taj Mahal; which, when exposed to natural sunlight, triggers a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction catalyses* the decomposition of dirt on the concrete’s surface; which makes it self cleaning. What researchers later discovered, was that this concrete could clear smog upto 20-23 meters from the ground. A ground-breaking discovery , but – why is it that this self – cleaning concrete can clear up smog ? While searching for answers, they found that when exposed to sunlight , titanium dioxide can break down certain pollutants that contribute to smog. One of the pollutants titanium dioxide can oxidise is Nitrogen Oxide(NOx). Nitrogen Oxide is the result of burning fossil fuels. NOx breaks down in the atmosphere and creates smog and ground level ozone. Parth and professor Manshing focused on Photocatalytic concreret’s effectivness on Nitrogen Oxide due to the fact that NOx is a big contributer to air pollution and smog. So far, they have found that Photocatalytic concrete decreases nitrogen oxide levels by 75-80% and looking into how they can make it even more effective. To summarize, photocatalytic concrete uses natural sunlight, which reacts with titanium dioxide, to accelerate the natural oxidation process to decompose pollutants-thus clearing up the smog.

Catalyses: acceleration(a reaction) by acting as a catalyst.

Eg: The chemical reaction catalyses/accelerates the decomposition of dirt in the concretes surface.

Why Is Smog-Eating Concrete So Amazing?

As you now know, Smog-eating concrete was developed in 2017, by Parth katara and professor Manshing, as a self-cleaning cement that, when mixed to create concrete, would make a self-clening concrete.
It was only later that Italcementi noticed its pollution-killing quality. This is how it found out. The residents soon reported better-smelling air. They are thinking to market the cement as an environmentally friendly product.

Photocatalytic concrete is a logical idea because as our population increases, more roads are needed to get people from one place to another. Unfortunately, by adding more cars on the road,there is a higher concentration of air pollution. The only way to reduce that pollution is to encourage people to take Eco-friendly forms of transportation, such as bikes or car pooling. But with 9 billion people on Earth, its not very likely that many people will actually take those forms of transportation. Naturally, this makes the photocatalytic cement a perfect paving material as it successfully reduces the amount of toxins expelled by vehicles and inhaled by pedestrians. The only down side of Photocatalytic concrete is that it costs 10X more than normal concrete. This is one of the leading reasons why Photocatalytic concrete isn’t being used everywhere-governments don’t want to pay the extra money. As humans, we need to step up and save our planet. If governments are going to be greedy and refuse to pay for this concrete, we must convince them that this smog-eating concrete is the perfect way to reduce smog and air pollution. We are living on this planet-therefore it is our job to protect itsays Parth.


We had specifically Trigger out air pollution; how can we easily clear all cities 70-85% of pollution from the air? We had founded the solution of it. We make one innovative product throughout it. It can be possible. I would like to bring it to international markets I’m thinking to launch it’s industry for that I’m also looking for help. Throughout my innovation we can easily under control whole earth’s global warming effects. My only one product will be beneficial in multiple ways. Expect clearing pollution our product can also increase the strength of building materials and as if we are going to implement it in the road we can also increase strength of the roads. We are going to bring very affordable cost and very innovative building material in the world. Throughout our project we can easily clear majority of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide and many more. Throughout it, we can also under control very high temperature of the earth by doing it we can also save glaciers from melting. My this project not only beneficial for humans but also for all the living organism it will be great blessings. I just Wanted to put it at global level for that I need your valuable help. I will waiting for your valuable feedback and would like to bring our project to the internationallyadded parth.


•You can easily clear up very huge amount of air pollution approximately whole cities.
•You can not only clear dust and pollution but also all the toxic greenhouse gases.
•This innovation also helps to build much more strong civil material.
•In rainy season, this innovative project can also absorb all the water which is collected show nearby
and make dirty slug.
•You can easily give fight against climate change when we increment. You can easily remove heavy heat.
•In any angle this product cannot make pollution.
•This project includes only one time investment, after implementing this innovative project, you will no need to pay for services or any other stuff.
•If there are no Garden space available then this product can also emit oxygen from co2.

•This material is quite expensive.
• Investment is quite higher.
• If it implemented then removing it is quite tougher.

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