InfertilityDost- Being a Mother is Magical - Launch Story
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February 26, 2018
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InfertilityDost- Being a Mother is Magical

InfertilityDost – A little more persistence, A little more effort and hope is just here.

There are many layers of suffering through the process of infertility – medical, physical, mental, psychological, financial, and social that leads to marital discord, falling into depression, even to the extent of getting suicidal, cutting oneself off socially, and a lot of trauma. There are cycles of hope and frustration. There are choices to make. There are tough decisions to take. You can only win this battle of infertility with knowledge that steers you towards the right decision.

Finding the right infertility specialist is like finding God. It is a demanding journey that takes a toll on your physical, emotional and financial well-being. Thus, the role of reviewing an infertility clinic, knowing their strength and weakness, and sifting out the ones that consider patients as ‘golden egg laying hen’ is crucial. InfertilityDost calls upon all those couples who have underdone infertility treatments to share their recommendations about doctors and infertility clinics. Educate others and help find them an ideal doctor.

InfertilityDost was founded in 2016 ,Gitanjali Banerjee founder of Infertility Dost is JNU pass out and professionally she has been involved in the e-commerce space for over 10 years now. She started as a content writer picking odd content jobs from sites like odesk and Elance. Thereafter, She learnt the art and worked with brands like MakeMy Trip, Educomp and Policybazaar in their content marketing space with the last designation as Content Manager. She climb up the ladder quickly! She realized she was passionate about blogging and how it can cause difference to people’s life.

She married to an army officer, travel plans were always on her cards, where She started recording her travel diaries under the name “Travel By Karma”, where she share her tell-tales about offbeat destinations and experiences.

she was trying to get into the next phase of her life : motherhood, it was when she was it by life in the medical term – infertility. For 10 long years, she battled infertility. Greatest pain of her life became her biggest strength – the idea of InfertilityDost was conceived.

She had seen how couples undergoing infertility had to simultaneously handle so many factors – medical, physical trauma, societal pressure and apathy, financial issues, psychological trauma, marital discord and relationship harassments.It is then that she decided to start InfertilityDost which is India’s first digital platform that facilitates; empowers couples undergoing infertility with support and knowledge to manage their journey better and to endure pain with dignity. Wrapped up in societal taboos it is extremely difficult for such couples to seek help or even acknowledge the problem which complicates everything around. InfertilityDost aims to sensitize the society and spread awareness.

InfertilityDost offers a unique digital platform where patients can meet their fertility goals. They combine technology, behavioral science, and social support to design cost-effective ecosystem that provides end to end solution with a holistic approach.

They inspire and enable women to take control of fertility in their hands.Digital health coaching is provided when a patient connects with their fertility counsellor who handholds her throughout the journey. They offer curated expert service based on individual’s need and empower them with information and community support.Their unique advantage lies in being able to handle all types of fertility patients from early detection to beyond IVF.

InfertilityDost is born out of compassion and empathy. It is built of trust. Here, couples open up and share their true personal account of infertility journey, creating a bond trust and respect. This overwhelming trust is their USP which platforms generically churning out content will not find easy to match up to it.

Neutral platform – InfertilityDost has yet not partnered with any IVF or allopathic centres trying to sell them. They take pride in being a neutral platform where they list doctors, let genuine people review them and offer a reliable platform.

Good content- The quality of content is a big strength. Aligned to India’s requirements, social setup and other regional nuances it has high connect value.

Knowledge Dissemination- They write, talk and discuss about all aspects of infertility and provide accurate, easy to understand information which is well-received.

They combine alternative treatment methodologies like fertility nutrionist, lifestyle management, fertility counselling alongwith with Allopathy to improve success results. Unlike unilateral approach of clinics or general methodology of fitness websites.

Being an avid blogger, She wrote about her journey of becoming a mother, battling infertility for 10 long years. During the entire journey, till she finally had her son, she met many individuals, couples who have felt and are going through the pain of being childless. It opened a way for her and many other like her to reach out and hold hands to build a platform this health problem.

Attaching herself to this cause, a website was built , bringing gynaecologists, IVF clinics, patients on board, with a large round of research and collecting information.

Their revenue model is based on freemonism, where they are providing premium services, in collaboration with IVF clinics while maintaining the ethos of their concept and keeping the platform neutral.

First level of connection with doctors, availing mentor services, urging patients to buy services of alternative treatments, offering discounts and online comparison on medicines, tests etc can be pay-per- avail model.

It was initially a one woman army, which has now expanded to 5 dedicated members 15-20 volunteers as advocates of good health.

Infertility Dost is a content driven social startup focussed on disseminating awareness & right information. Adding to it our vision is to build a holistic counselling and communication platform so that they can address the issues of harassment, mismanagement and other pain points effectively.

They get huge number of queries every month where even men talk about their journey, seek treatment guidance, psychological counselling, financial advice and second opinion.

The biggest challenge with InfertilityDost is that they are working on a subject which is considered as a huge taboo. Despite being educated and open about adversities of life and problems, no one really talks about it and this makes it even more complicated problem to resolve. The medical part is smaller and easier to manage, but the emotional part is a rollercoaster and often leads to derailment of treatment causing severe depression, marital discords, loss of self-esteem and a whole gamut of social, psychological, emotional and even financial pressures.

Secondly the failure rate of infertility treatments is at a staggering rate of 65%. So, with facilitation of InfertilityDost aim to improve the treatment success rate and facilitate expectation management.

Thirdly, infertility is not an emergency problem, that one dies if not treated on time. However, the social and personal life deteriorates. Couples don’t want to ask for help for the fear of being tagged. They either keep delaying the treatment till it is too late or wade the bylanes of wrong-doers and unethical practitioners.

Fourthly, getting a team set up and funding have been major challenges. Sadly, society doesn’t boldly recognize the issue of infertility and a reason to be talked about openly.

Gitanjali told us about a young talented girl who gave up working with them, as her parents thought that this work would not be suitable to her working profile, as she might not find a groom. Similarly, many women got help from them and have now conceived. However, when asked to review them or leave a feedback on a social medium they would not agree for no one should know that they had infertility problem or the child is conceived through IVF. When they ask them to share their journey story they will say they don’t want to jinx the pregnancy so will do it after delivery.

Furthermore, Investors and government programs don’t see this as a problem that needs attention for it is POPULTION CONTROL that matters more. Well, what about the pain of that single woman who wants to have a child, They can’t overlook her pain just because India’s population is ever increasing. Plus , at this rate, if not taken appropriate step, India will soon face the problem that Germany and Japan are struggling with.

Their technology is based on what is available – a content driven data, a technology which everyone can reach out – website and blog and networking and bringing doctors and experts on board. As the social media is the most common platform and personalized in many ways, they are targeting to grow with that space.

Frontrunner & Exclusive – At present, there is no competitor who is working exclusively for infertility. They are trailblazers in this sector. Even in doctor listing they only have infertility, IVF and other specialists pertaining exclusively for this line of treatment ( genetic counsellors, surrogacy, adoption centres etc). Thus, providing end to end solutions for infertility patients.

There are big players of doctor discover platform domain like Practo, Lybrate, DocApp, which can be considered as an indirect competitors. Although, there is direct competition with companies like ElaWoman. International companies working mostly in US like FertilityIQ can come to India in future.InfertilityDost just focuses on approaching the holistic way towards infertility and not just the medical treatment like other players in the industry.

InfertilityDost are planning to reach out to the tier II and tier III cities in the next two years and as well, people in the South Asia in the next five years. Their target is always to reach out to as many people they can making parenthood possible for the childless couple. Adding to the expansion plan, they aim to launch app to provide a secure and personalized experience to patients.

They are seeking grant to build a robust tech platform and to scale our awareness campaign for the solution of infertility problem lies in a sensitized society and an empowered woman. Till now, the achievement for Infertility Dost is to raise awareness about fertility health and help couples realize their dream of becoming a parent.They have gained coverage in leading dailies and Gold award for social impact start-up by WEE program under IIT Delhi and DST. They have been written in newspapers and online publication. Find details here:

As a blogger, She received many accolades on her travel tales at Travel by Karma, and many blogging events. Although her biggest achievement at this moment is the joy of motherhood and holding hands and giving hope to other friends via InfertilityDost.

InfertilityDost is working on a completely unique space and vision – they are unbiased, their information is comforting and in regular understanding language so that a lay man understands, they bring true stories to guide couples.

Going forward, InfertilityDost aims to build a complete ecosystem for infertility patients making support and knowledge accessible so that they can stay informed in the society. They are working to build and capture a personalized platforms to hold hands with people fighting infertility.

In the next ten years, They are looking forward to have a total new outlook and approach, uplifting the mindset of infertility as a taboo. Furthermore, they would be seen as global company reaching out to European countries as well.

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