Improve the social media experience of brands and microbrands by Nectorr AI - Launch Story
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Improve the social media experience of brands and microbrands by Nectorr AI

Nectorr is built on the quote by the lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison ““whoever controls the media, controls the mind”.

Nectorr is packed with awesome features that enable brands to easily engage with people and build lasting relationships.

The founders of are seasoned IT and software professional with umpteen years of experience in delivery technology related projects across the world.

Vidur Kohli is the CEO and co-founder of Nectorr. He is responsible for the company’s overall vision and strategies. He was part of the IBM India leadership team as the CTO for India and also spent several years as a senior leader with GE Capital in India

Edward Varghese is the CTO and co-founder of nectorr. Nectorr is the brain child of Edward. At present, he is responsible company’s technology vision, strategy as well as day-to-day product enhancement and the product roadmap and branding. Edward has worked for brands such as GE and HCL and had a brief professional stint in the US.

They decided to create a world class platform to help micro-brands and brands bring multiple social media to the core of marketing or for that matter anything that you are persuing in life.

Edward states “The journey began when we found managing social media too cumbersome. To add to it, we realized that we are too dependent on people to get the right result. Given that we had a background in process management and automation, we decided to change this for ourselves and the world. Soon came out  India’s first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enterprise for Social Media.”

How Nectorr is different:

1. Their span reaches 10 social media from a single window. Text, images, videos, blogs they can put it out in a click or two.

 2. They do both organic and inorganic social media (wing-to-wing)

 3. Stronger and comparative analytics.

 4. Sleek and  better processes.

 5. Single place for software licenses or consulting for brands and micro-brands who prefer to focusing on their key abilities than social media.

The overall industry is well in billions of USD and to stay for a long time. With beta-customers and the present release is looking much more promising that its competitors such as,, they have an array of releases lined up for the near future with some power packed features.

Edward says “No one becomes an entrepreneur to fail. Everyone wants success and success seems evasive. Budding entrepreneurs should be driven by the consumers. The passion that they have should embibe what the consumers feel. Ensure that you start spending on marketing than sales. Immediate sales and no marketing is surely a fantastic recipe for failed startups.”


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