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Halanx- Find neighborhood happenings and businesses instantly

Halanx – Bringing the entire neighborhood within thumb’s reach and so making a stronger and safer neighborhood.Through Halanx, people get to know what’s going on in their neighborhood from their neighbors like:

  • Crime & safety alerts
  • News
  • Cultural events
  • Lost pets
  • Best plumber, electrician etc

They also order from neighborhood businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, and more, and get them delivered in as little as an hour through their shoppers who pick orders from the businesses and deliver them to customers.They help neighborhood businesses grow by bringing them new customers and retaining the existing ones.

So they’re on the mission to make neighborhoods safer and stronger while creating meaningful work for underemployed people, helping local businesses grow, and bringing affordable convenience to consumers.

Sidhant kumar founder of Halanx is a 19 year old student of Delhi technological university. His market reach is both National and International and current turnover is 1.1 Cr annually (Projected as per current revenue).

  • He worked on innovative projects like making Android app to track health data from prescriptions, and report diseases and treatments to government.
  • He has been leading Society of Robotics team DTU, and made Mini robot.
  • He has been organising Engifest in collaboration with Halanx.

Initially he used to invest in Bitcoin. When bitcoins were at peak, He took out the whole investment and put in Halanx. And secondly, his brother gave him some cash.

People know crime & safety alerts, lost & found cases, events, buy & sell from their neighbors. And people ask best plumber or electrician from their neighbors, and kids use this app to invite other kids to play cricket in the neighborhood.

Creating a great team with common vision is a tough work, but highly important. And making a product which actually solves the problem is crucial and they managed to do it by always communicating with their customers and using their feedback to improve themselves.

He only spent money on most important things like team building, server, and others and single person does multiple jobs. They are a small team and they worked from home mostly and wherever needed, they did their work by freelancers for short work.

They have Android developer, Django and backend developer, AWS developer, Web developer, marketing etc. And most are their friends or friends of friends.

“We have people with complementary skills, Always meeting and eating together in restaurants, Planning together and we build relationships. We are a family” added sidhant kumar.

Their model is made in such a way to resolve the problems faced by their competitors. They have highly focused on unit economics, and so they are profitable on each order. Their customer acquisition cost is very low, and have good retention rate.

They allow users to connect their neighbors, and keep them updated about their neighbourhood. They allow subscription through which people can automate the delivery of frequently needed products. People can order in group and save more. So in total, They bring your complete neighborhood closer to you. Now they have started working in greater noida , forming partnership with the stores there.

He achieved 2.5k users in one month of launch, 1,003 neighborhood happenings reported to people by neighbors, 1.7k orders delivered and 21 shoppers (People with vehicles who earn money for each delivery in their neighborhood).

He have won national level awards in science Olympiads till 12th and led the Society of Robotics team in first year and have worked on several amazing projects.

The core values and principles of their enterprise is Truth, they believe in being transparent no matter what and believing a small team can move mountains.

Website – www.halanx.com

Email – support@halanx.com

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