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February 6, 2019
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Hakoona Matata – No worries since you don’t need to find a way out

Hakoona Matata is a professionally managed Indian organization committed to delivering consumer loyalty and upgrading partner’s business.

It is a leading LSP providing cutting-edge solutions in Translation, Content Analysis, Localization, Transcription and Subtitling. The company’s technology-supported ways make this endeavour accurate and fast along with expert focus on transcription and translation. Moreover, in addition to translating in English, it strives hard to provide all the Indian languages as ‘Language-Pair’ which translates from Hindi to Marathi, Hindi to Tamil and so forth. And in this line, the company is looking at expansion plans with Chinese, German and French languages soon. Marking a significant step in this, the company also works across times zones to deliver its services across to global clients.

Rasika Budhay-Pathak

Founder of Hakoona Matata – leading market research support services company

She is an engineer in IT and completed MBA from Bharathidasan university. She has 10 years of experience in qualitative research , marketing and account planning . She has worked across categories like Real estate, FMCG , baby care , jewellery , consumer durables , finance , pharmaceuticals , durables , skin care , automotive , construction , media , telecom , IT , cigarettes , food and beverages.

Email : Rasika.budhe@gmail.com / Rasika@hakoonamatata.co.in
Contact no : +91 9049440088
Location : Ahmedabad
Linkedin profile : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rasika-budhay-pathak/12/3b6/660
Website : www.hakoonamatata.co.in

The core team consist of Vidushi Mathur, Amruta Bhatt and Shivangi Marathe who take care of back-end functionality and ensure the team delivers quality output without being loaded.

Rasika says “My motivation to get into this was my daughter. I want her to value herself and not give up when times are tough and there is no way out. This was the time where everyone was telling me that it was ok to take a break and get back when my daughter grows up – but I wanted to give it an honest shot and heart in heart I knew – “Koshish karne walon ki, Kabhi Haar nahi hoti”. When you have nothing to loose, Whatever you do will be great !”

“Revenues and margins are dipping in the industry – Especially with the quality expectation that the clients have. But I guess that is a challenge with everyone across markets. Hence we have decided to expand base in various other language support services functions and expand into other languages too. We are also exploring how machine intervention can help improve human efficiency” Rasika told Launch Story.

Rasika’s advice to budding entrepreneurs.

  • Think human and be Human.
  • Value your team only then will they be able to give their best.
  • Remember that any organisation has a top-down culture, so it’s very important to lead with an example. Always ensure you measure yourself on the same scale on which your team is getting rated.


  1. Sudhir Budhay says:

    Keep it up

  2. Sudhir Budhay says:

    Keep it up

  3. @Sneha : Thanks for penning it aptly

  4. Rasika Vyawahare says:

    Congratulations mam … You are an inspiration …. Keep it up …

  5. Ashish Kadu says:

    Congrats Rasika

  6. Preeti Nair says:

    Well done Rasika…You are a shining start right from the beginning of kindergarden..I still remember after listening to ur speech you delivered when you were tiny miny…my parents after hearing you said…this girl is gonna go far…that was the vision you showed and experienced teachers like them could foresee.
    Enjoy motherhood and your independence is what the message you give to others.best wishes always

  7. Sonal Sinha says:

    Great… Nice and motivational story… Congratulations

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