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July 9, 2018
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Graphic Haat- Online service provider that designs custom Logo and Graphics

Graphic Haat is a pursuit in the field of Graphic Designing to provide the most Unique, Business Friendly, Time Saving and Economical designs. Its office is located in Bihar and their service covers a wide range of designs such as banner, brochure, book cover, T-shirt illustration, business card, flyer, poster, web design etc.

It is a joint endeavour by three brothers – Abhinav Parihar, Aman Deep and Abhijeet Parihar.

After completing in IT (yr 2013), I got a job in the field of Digital Marketing cum Graphic Designing in Delhi and from then until now, I have served startups as well as a Ministry. My brothers, who are also my partners, are very young and pillars of this company. They are experts in Graphic Designing, Web Designing and a little in marketing too. Many a times, while we were on phone or sitting together, we used to joke about starting a company of our own company but, never had the courage to do so. Gradually, these jokes started turning into serious conversations and eventually led us to ‘Graphic Haat’ shared Abhinav.

The trio had different reasons to start this company like investing time and energy into something that can grow in future, creating an environment of opportunities for others with interest in the same field and even attracting others to learn and develop this skill but, most importantly, all of them had one common goal and that was to generate an awareness in our society towards helping others and being helpful to others.

And to help this objective become a reality, they have started an initiative called ‘Smileys for ‘em all’. Under this initiative, minimum 10 % of the earning from each project is donated to a deserving candidate or some organization after a proper research.

Abhinav says “We have experienced only love, support and ease from the very first day of the launch of our company. A few problems did show up and am sure that a few more will show up but, we are also very hopeful that we’ll learn from them and together we’ll transform them into opportunities.”

The two main purposes of Graphic Haat are:

  •  Boosting social welfare scheme i.e. Smileys for ‘em all
  •  Producing inspirational work in the field of graphic design

Making money is a beautiful thing but, it gives an immense satisfaction if it is used for a better cause ~ Abhinav

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  1. It was an incredible experience to interact with #LaunchStory, a great platform and a greater initiative. Keep up the good work!

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