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GoComet- Shaping the world with Technology

GoComet is world’s best freight quote comparison platform used by enterprises to make freight procurement efficient and fast.

As a technology company, they are revolutionizing the $40 Billion international logistics space by eliminating inconsistencies in the procurement process at various stages of procurement like RFQs, quote comparisons, human dependent negotiations and insufficient disclosure of terms.

Their enterprise SaaS product that is currently used by large manufacturing conglomerates combines the power of data science with progressive machine intelligence to drive sharp reverse auctions bringing out best possible end to end rates for shipments.

Chitransh Sahai, Ayush Lodhi, Mehul Katiyar, Gautam Prem Jain are the Co founders of GoComet.

Gautam says “In SAAS industry, the revenues vary from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollar per customer per year. Since we have to invest hugely in R&D, Product and Tech, which are all fixed costs, contribution margins are high (50-70%). In the export logistics industry, the logistics cost of each shipment is around INR 70k – 1.2lakhs, with freight forwarder revenue being 5-15% of the Gross Logistics Value (GLV)”

“We are growing very fast in Mumbai, and have customers in Singapore as well. By December 2018, we will be present in Entire South east asia and Dubai. We will be present in 6 continents in 3 years and will be doing 100M$ in annual revenue” added Gautam.

It is critically important to achieve product market fit before spending any money anywhere else (sales, marketing, team, office space, etc). Your first objective should be to deliver 10x value to the customers as compared to the existing way of doing things. Do the fundamentals diligently, Don’t get caught up in the hype~ Gautam

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