Fuzia- Empowering young women through fusion of culture and ideas! - Launch Story
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Fuzia- Empowering young women through fusion of culture and ideas!

Fuzia (www.fuzia.com) is a home to creativity, talent and innovation. It is an endeavour to create an equal, user-friendly and healthy social media platform for women that nurtures and empowers their creativity, and encourages them to express and share their work.

It is a platform with users of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities utilising it actively. They try to help women connect with each other, learn from mutual exchange of knowledge and grow their skills through constant support from their fellow Fuziaites.

Women being the largest reservoir of untapped talent, Fuzia tries to encourage and motivate them to come out of their shells and express themselves in any form be it writing, art, photography, videos etc. They are building a place where a woman can be her truest self, thereby driving sisterhood, mutual growth and meaningful connections.

In the world of social media and technology, Fuzia is an initiative which tries to redefine the meaning social media by utilising it to empower women through the power of their own expressions. It tries to give a new age perspective towards gender equality and women empowerment.

Fuzia was founded in 2012 by Riya Sinha, an enthusiastic young high school student and the author of Runaway Twins. What started as “Fuzia Writing Club” has now become a global platform helping girls pursue their dreams. Riya is a 17 year old high school student with a zeal and passion to do something meaningful for the society. The co-founder of Fuzia is Shraddha Varma, a confident and motivated leader who inspires the team to work with dedication and fervour. She not only leads the global marketing and operations in Fuzia but also drives and mentors her team in cross-culture environments. Apart from being a management professional, Shraddha is an experienced marketer , a passionate learner, dynamic speaker and a creative thinker.

In November 2017, Riya Sinha was given the “The Iconic Teen Entrepreneur and Innovator” award at the Women Economic Forum held in Canada and in April 2018, Shraddha and the core team were awarded with the “Young Leaders Creating a Better World For All” award at the Women Economic Forum held in New Delhi.

Fuzia Core Team comprises of passionate women working relentlessly with one aim in mind, empowerment of women. Core team members include Riya Kumar from Mumbai who looks after the member relations and influencer marketing, Ria Singhal from Kanpur who works in helping women compete on an international level through our contests and campaigns, and Sakshi Shrivastava from Bhopal who manages the digital marketing and builds a brand image for Fuzia. With one shared dream in mind, Fuzia team is working day and night to bring equality in the world by giving women a platform where their voices will be heard.

When Riya Sinha, who had just launched a book and was in an interactive session in a bookstore, a young girl paid her a visit and shared her dream of launching a book someday. It was then that Riya decided to build a platform where girls like her could realise their dreams.

Currently they are focusing on bringing more people together and building the momentum on the site. They have shortlisted a couple of really innovative business models suitable for their site.

We plan to improve our website and enhance our mobile app. We are constantly listening to our users’ and members’ feedback and thats what we intend to work upon. We are planning to come up with a lot of interesting and powerful campaigns, videos and activities that our members would like to engage with. Not only this, we expect to increase the pace in areas like PR, press releases and collaborations in near future to raise awareness” said Sakhsi Shrivastava (Head of Marketing & Public Relations).


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