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Full Of Stories – The upcoming revolution for authors and literary professionals

The world is full of stories, people are full of stories, each and everyone one of us is full of stories.We are bringing these stories to you. Full of Stories is based on the model of collaborative writing. It works by connecting authors with other authors or their fans to curate and creates great stories. Stories bring meaning to life, they are our imagination of an alternate reality that we perceive how life should or should not be.There are people who spend their evenings partying and drinking and playing around. This is not for those kinds of people. This is for the people who would rather spend every evening around strangers around a bonfire and share experiences and stories and the conversations will go on until dawn.There are people who have plenty to say and plenty to share but are bound by words or maybe just introvert in nature and just quite doesn’t open up too easy and that is where we step in, we let their stories be told, be heard and be appreciated.This is how it works, we bring authors, literary artists, and storytellers to come onboard as a Project Lead and we connect them with the people who have a story to tell and we connect 15 of these to one of the leads. The lead with his experience and skills ensures that they structure the story right and make sure the essence of their story is not lost and they all create a wonderful story together with their collaborative efforts.

Being an author, one may often find himself stuck terribly in Writer’s Block. This is where he creates a tunnel vision and can not see beyond certain limited boundaries. A collaboration in this case or a second eye view will help perceive with an alternate story direction and help the story evolve for better.

Full of Stories is not a blog or a content publishing platform, It rather is a collaborative working platform for literary works. Working in collaboration is a great way to hone one’s skills and also to impart knowledge and guide those with the will do something beyond their limitations.

We invite authors, poets, literary experts to join us and drive this movement towards infinity and beyond.

To know more, please visit – FullOfStories

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