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March 27, 2018
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May 31, 2018
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Farm Honey- Delivering Pure,Natural,Organic Honey

Honey is a sweet,sticky food substance collected from wild bee colonies or from domesticated beehives.It has many health benefits and uses. Honey contains a number of vitamins and minerals,including vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. There are also important antioxidants, such as flavonoids and alkaloids.Farm Honey is the best e-commerce website to purchase honey online at reasonable prices.It provides different varieties of Honey.


Farm Honey was founded by Vijaya Ranga Vittal in 2017.He was born and brought up in a middle class family.He was never good in academics and never good in interacting with people. Later he joined college and entered into pharmacy degree. His father had a small pharmacy shop in Bangalore.After completing degree he worked in his father’s pharmacy and was never satisfied so enrolled again in college to do Masters in Pharmacy and worked in pharmaceutical manufacturing unit for two years. He had to leave the job as Vijaya’s father passed away and he took up the business. He struggled to keep the business up float as there was lot of debts in family business.He worked hard to clear his father debts. Then he started a marketing agency which did not do well as he could not recover the credits from the market.With increased competition and less manpower he enrolled for digital marketing course in a institute called onlinism academy in Bangalore. With the help of his mentor David he completed digital marketing course and focused to get back on business .He chose to start a honey company by giving value added honey products and start selling online under the brand name farm honey in market places like amazon flipkart snapdeal and many more.

Farm honey source honey directly from beekeepers and farmers around India check for quality in third party labs then pack and sell them online. Farm Honey vision is to educate the Indian consumers about the benefits and wonders of honey and how honey create better health in them when they consume in their daily diets instead of sugar. They have also created value added honey bee products like neem honey, ginger honey, lemon honey, garlic honey, turmeric honey, Ashwagandha honey, tulsi honey, cinnamon honey, coca honey spearmint honey, Sidr honey and many more.

The strength and Usp of the company is the product honey as it cannot be mass manufactured by anyone in the world nor there is technology developed to make single drop honey in a lab. It is Natural product produced by the bees by collecting the nectar from the flowers. Since honey is considered a rasayan in ayurveda they have blended honey with other medicinal spices like cinnamon ginger and lemon to create value added honey products where the medicinal properties of the compound increases as honey is considered a valuable component in ayurveda as it balances vata pitha and kappa .

Vijaya started company by himself with the help of mentor David .The intial investment was around 2 lacs and now current turnover is 150000.The technology was only pure digital marketing and strategy is tie up with online market places like amazon flipkart and paytm to sell. The main issue he faced in initial years is getting the honey from the beekeepers.Then checking for adulteration,Creating value added products. They managed to get the technology from the university and the marketing was done through some agencies they hired.

Farm Honey is the company of three members and had outsourced most of the work in order to focus on marketing. Vijaya says “In the next ten years we want to be know for our quality and service to the Indian market. We are not focused on Money as we value health of our consumers”


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