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March 4, 2018
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Elecbits – It make Electronics easy!

Elecbits is a group of Enthusiasts who focus on making things simpler. Technology is an artistic way to turn your imagination into reality and they are here to make sure that the artistic approach inside you would never go out of resource.It was founded by Saurav Kumar, Nikhil Rawat, Abhishek Sharma in 2016. Their Initial investment was 5000 and Current turnover is 2,00,000 and Market reach is National.

These are following facts they got to know when started their journey –

  • You can make 99 mistakes, but getting a backlog in 6th, 7th or 8th semester should not be 1.
  • Getting a job in mass recruiting companies is tough when you are stupid, but it’s tougher when you are innovative.
  • Your relatives and parents will not tell you, but here’s thing – You can work for yourself.
  • You can create jobs, if you put the same energy as you put in getting jobs.
  • Don’t lose yourself if nothing is going right, you are your only hope.
  • Last but not the least, don’t think too much and keep your focus only on one thing. Magic happens when you don’t give up.

They are providing an online platform to swiftly operate the following services-

In Electronics, they provide-
• Readymade electronics projects
• DIY(Do it yourself) Kit
• Starter kits
• On request circuit designing

In Website and applications, they provide
• Dynamic websites
• Android Application
• Augmented reality projects.
• CRM software for E-commerce.

In sustainable approach, they provide
• Rent services of expensive electronic product
• Resell of electronics projects by user
• Digital cards

Electronics engineering is hard, they are making it simple. Little innovations can change the world, They don’t want anyone to wait to innovate.They are an online platform, that’s why easily accessible. One of their product, Elecduino saves time and money to 1/5th ratio.They contributed Rs.1667 each and collected Rs.5000. Bought hosting and domain. Created a website and started selling electronics prototypes online.They used php for website and used Arduino for basic projects.

They were initially people dependent company and now they are moving towards being system dependent.They have issues in requirement analysis and in situations of over ordering.They are manufacturing people, they even know how to manufacture time and money. They have bootstrapped and kept two things pretty clean.They kept data analysis and accounting very basic and effective and that’s how they manage to start something out of 5000 and get optimum results.

They are using faster and simpler ways to create circuit using etching also they are moving towards the western countries to get there new advancements and use it for their benefits. A very strong statement they have used – “Keep your employees happy, your employees will keep you happy”.

They were jobless, meaningless and useless, but not hopeless. They made an entire company out of nothing and they are presently shipping their projects in more than 13 states and their Expansion plan is to reach all over India.

Website- http://elecbits.in/
Email- elecbits16@gmail.com

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