Eduperience helps you to give wings to your future - Launch Story
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January 24, 2019
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Eduperience helps you to give wings to your future

Here is the interview with Mohd. Swaleh Shamim, founder of Eduperience, an Independent student running democratic community for Young People to meet new people, Make lifelong friends, learn, Explore, gain experience, develop skills, grow their potential and be work ready to get an Amazing Job to face the world.

Tell us something about you and your startup.

I, Mohd. Swaleh Shamim, recently graduated from Moti Lal Nehru College, Delhi University. Being a student myself, I could relate to day to day problems on part of pocket money, expenses and also of not getting paid for my skills.

So, this made me think of a platform where the youth, the students could come up with their skills and get paid for them.

Eduperience, thus is the youth networking platform where you can learn and earn. As soon as I entered my 3rd year – My startup “Eduperience” got Registered.

What was your motivation behind venturing into this and what kind of struggles/ challenges did you face when you launched?

Being a student – I could feel that their should be some way to showcase my skills and get paid and get experienced. I could feel that there is a gap between they youth and the corporate world.

Therefore, this motivated me to form Eduperience – a platform wherein everyone- youth, students, influencers have variety of options to choose from and show their talent, skills.

Major challenges included market research and insights of corporate world. To see how things were done at a business level.

Give us a brief background about founders and its core team members?

Founder :

Mohd Swaleh Shamim – He completed Bachelor’s of Commerce from University of Delhi. Full of enthusiasm and eager to take up new challenges. Has been the Project manager at Myra Medicines, Bangalore, Has been associated with Nearbuy pvt. Ltd. Since 2015 as Cluster Manager, City Head, Qafila event organizer, Handling Instagram, data executive intern. Hardworking and dedicated towards work, has successfully worked like Nearbuy, Paisawapas, Netmeds, Myra, Pokerbaazi, HT Campus media, etc.

Co – Founder

Radhika Soorma – She is pursuing Bachelor’s of Commerce at Mata Sundri College, Delhi University (Final Year). Gathered good working experience within a short span of time. Handled various projects showcasing exceptional project management skills from companies like Myra medicines, Nearbuy, HT media, Paisawapas, etc. Good at public speaking, believes in team work for enhancement of skills.

Who do you see as competition and how is your startup different?

As such, there is no platform as of now, which provides discounts, deals to the students and also to provide the earning opportunities to youth and influencers.

What are the revenues and margins like in your industry?

In 1st year Eduperience had 10 lakh + Revenue with 30% Profit margin.

What are your future plans?

Scaling it to further higher level and growth would be the prime objective. To make almost every youth – part of the startup. App is in making.

Any advice you want to give budding entrepreneurs.

Always Do your best. Whatever you plant now, you will harvest later. Failure is a simple opportunity to begin again. Never let failures to become an obstacle.

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