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DBEL Studio: Luxury Lighting Brand

DBEL is a luxury lighting brand that believes in enhancing the quality of a space through exclusive Lighting. A truly inspirational collection that has been carefully crafted and curated to aesthetically represent the cultural and the modern aspect of the society. It is your one stop shop for architectural as well as decorative lighting, taking care of the entire process from lighting consultancy to product supply.

DBEL Studio founded by Dillraj L Bhatia. She is an architect who loves to translate clients personality into their desired space. She did architectural studies from SSAA, New Delhi and AA School of Architecture, London.

“While studying, I always knew that I want to launch a brand of my own which is going to be a one stop shop for architectural as well as decorative lighting. That’s how DBEL Studio came in to inception last year. I am a lover of art and I love conceptualizing unique and contemporary lighting solutions for my clients (both in residential and commercial space)” shared Dillraj L Bhatia.

DBEL Studio provides consultation, designing, customization, upgradation, all under one roof. They live breathe sleep lighting and lighting design. Their focus is not just the product supply but also help architects/designers with the way they can use simple products in innovative ways.

“I always have seen lighting as the highlight of any interiors. But, unfortunately it was seen as an afterthought by many. And, I wanted to change that perception of people and as a designer wanted to spread awareness of how important lighting is to enhance any space’s interiors and of course the psychological and the physiological impact it has on one’s mind and body. With DBEL Studio, I aim to bring the best of any space that has been designed” says Dillraj L Bhatia.

Her future plan is to create a brand that resonates with luxury and serves as an ultimate lighting destination nation wide. 

The only way to move forward is to keep moving~ Dillraj


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