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November 6, 2018
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Damyanti G Badagha: Best young scientist and researcher from civil engineering field

Damyanti G Badagha, PhD Research Scholar is a girl child of illiterate parents who did hard-work to give better education to her and siblings. She is from small village Bhilad in Valsad District, Gujarat. Mother, Late Manjula ben had dreamed to do something good for this nation and world.

She is from civil engineering field (completed B.E. in civil engineering from Saurashtra University in 2010 and received Master degree in Structural Engineering from SVNIT in 2013), so decided to do some research to save environment. And selected PhD research work in the area of concrete where cement production is responsible for more CO2 emission in environment.

Since July 2014 to Present Damyanti is working in this research with her research supervisor and Co- Principal Investigator Dr Chetankumar D Modhera, Professor from her parent institute at Applied Mechanics Department, SVNIT, Surat; Gujarat, India. For cement reduction purpose, she decided to find good similar alternative of it from surrounding waste materials. They have started research in this area and one local steel making industry provided their material for research.

During the Steel manufacturing process, there is a large volume of granular material is produced. This material is called as slag. This slag is used by many cement manufacturing industry for GGBFS cement as well few manufacturing companies accepted that they used it in land filling, dumping in land and in sea too. This dumping land filling is harmful to marine lives and land cultivation too.

Damyanti decided to use that granular material by simple grinding in ball mill to achieve in a powder form. There isn’t any clinkering or any similar process like cement production is adopted in powder making process. So there is very less chance of CO2 emission. The grinded material sieved through 90microm IS seized sieve and collected in air tight container. This collected waste powder mixed with cement directly for different test like cements and it’s achieving good test results. After initial chemical and physical testing of produced powder, it was used in concrete manufacturing from 10 to 90% replacement at 10% interval. The best output observed in 50% replacement of produced powder with 50% cement. There are different mechanical properties were investigated to check sustainability, strength and durability of concrete containing 50%waste powder. From the test results it performs well and achieved many grade of concrete from M20 to M60 grade. The concrete produced from this invented waste powder can be used in high rise buildings, bridge and important structures where strength, sustainability and durability is main concern.

This research is highly appreciated by many foreign professors, IAAM Sweden, WASET Turkey, IRDP Chennai and GOREA Jaipur. For that Damyanti received Best young scientist award from IAAM Sweden in year of 2016 and 2017, Best Paper Award for the presented research by WASET Turkey and Best young Researcher National Award from IRDP Chennai, The GOREA foundation is going to honor her as young researcher from civil engineering Award in January 2019 at Delhi. For her research and contribution, She was invited at USA Las Vegas from India as an International Speaker in SCON International Conference on Nanotechnology 2018.

Damyanti says “My main Motivation is to do something good for nation and world as per the dream of my illiterate parents. I also read and watch news regarding global warming, climate change and loss of natural resources day by day. So as a civil engineer, I thought that how civil engineering filed is involved indirectly in this environment matter. So from my study and experience I found the answer is cement utilization. Now a day’s infrastructure development and rapid growth of construction is leading the wide use of cement. As we all know that concrete is the widely used material after water by man in this world. So I decided to give alternative of cement from waste materials”.

“I have faced lots of struggles to make this product because no any industry is ready to disclose the actual facts regarding their waste products and disadvantages of their waste generation. I have read many books and search many websites regarding the product manufacturing of different companies and what will be the wastage or by products of their countries. I have also studied and analyzed that wastage and by products chemically and mechanically to understand their toxicity for environment. I visited many industries which are working in the field of civil engineering. And finally I found other material used in different engineering field is steel. So wastage from steel industry I selected for research purpose to make cement alternative” added Damyanti.

Damyanti has completed numbers of tests using this material in concrete field by manufacturing M20, M25, M30, M35, M40, M45, M50, M55 and M60 grade of concrete with 50% cement replacement with this produced powder in concrete.

Now she is planning to join good institute and expand this research on international level by collaborating with different foreign institute because the environment is a key concern for whole world.

If we will think good for human being, society, nation and world than we have to focus to save environment first – Damyanti G Badagha


  1. Rahul Badgha says:

    Very nice research. It will really helpful to world. Many congratulations for your research

  2. GEETA badgha says:

    Very good. Really you are the best example of hard work my dear. Our country has proud of you dear. God bless you for your bright future.

  3. Dhruvpalsinh Dilipsinh Chudasama says:

    Congratulations it is a great invention towards society.Hard work pays off and you have proved good going and wish you all the best.

  4. A says:

    Great job…..
    Proud of her.
    She is really the best scientist for our nation.

  5. Khushbu gajjar says:

    Proud of u my dear. .

  6. Varsha says:

    Great work damayanti, I feel proud that you achieved this, through your hard work and talent. Good going, keep the good work going.

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