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Crazy Lil Mum -Story of a Mompreneur

FROM HOBBY TO PASSION- Her Blogging Story!

Are you a mom who worries a lot? Obviously, if this is you, then you are a very caring human being. You want to do the right thing. You want to be there for your children and significant others when they need you.
Being a new mom can be overwhelming. You’re trying to adjust to a new schedule, new demands and new little being.
So here is such a cute and lovely little blog of Anandita with so much great info for first time moms!

Anandita agrawal started her blog to help parents make informed decisions and is today India’s most trusted source of information among parents.

She is a mom of a kid, always on the go to make life simple for parents and shares reviews about new products, places to visit, things to do and most important have fun with your kids.

By education, She is an Dentist and by profession She is a Lifestyle Blogger and Mom Influencer.

She has also done Diploma in Jewellery Designing and she used to work with her husband in his Jewellery store as a designer, before Shiv (her son) was born. From a working woman to stay at home mother was a big transition for her. she cherished every moment spent with her boy and she also wanted to give her full time to him. But somewhere inside she started feeling like she needed something productive also for her self-respect and herself.

She always loved creating stories and getting photographed.She remember reading a fashion blog one night and didn’t even completely understand what it was. But, starting one of her own sounded like a good idea to her. And nothing could have been a better niche for her than a mom blogger.

She remember creating a blog on WordPress just for fun and writing down her first post.she used some pictures from her maternity shoot and Her goodness! The response was mind blowing. she felt overwhelmed.

Over the next few weeks,She started writing more about her pregnancy. She made sure to post a latest picture every day on Instagram. Before She knew, She had caught the Blogging and Instagram bug. And with time, She could see an increase in traffic and followers. Eventually she also told her family about what she was up to. They were all very encouraging.

Avinash (Her husband) was always supportive of her blog and also gave her suggestions when she asked. He also bought a camera and some planners for her when he discovered that she was actually serious about this thing.

Next what??

Within 3-4 months, she started getting emails from brands asking her to collaborate with them. At first she was not sure what she should ask them for, in return. It was so funny for her. she remember asking Avinash about it and he started laughing.

Well! Today is the day when she choose her brands and promote what she really likes and would love to use on her family and herself.

Blogging has taught her so much. she just jumped in and learned something new everyday. Yes, it takes a lot of work, a lot of hours, and a lot of learning. But the rewards are great. In fact, she feels that more than just money, it is the fame that she loves more. It feels great to her when she meet someone in a mall and they say ‘You are Crazy Lil Mum naa??’



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