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June 2, 2018

Kyooz – London’s first professional queuing app

Kyooz queue so you don’t have to! Kyooz is a growing start-up that saves people time. They have a team of professional line sitters (“Kyooers”) who […]
August 4, 2018

Bira 91 Beer: a brewing story from India

Bira91: Summary Bira91, a craft beer brand quickly become the rage amongst urban millennial. Founded in 2015 by Ankur Jain and headquartered in New Delhi. It […]
August 24, 2018

Canerass: The Juicy Story

Startup Name:                       Canerass Founded in:                           2017 Founders:                                Rahulsinh Rajendra Patil, Rohan Rajendra Patil Canerass story Rahulsinh was born and brought up in Sangli (Maharashtra) […]