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Canerass: The Juicy Story

Startup Name:                       Canerass

Founded in:                           2017

Founders:                                Rahulsinh Rajendra Patil, Rohan Rajendra Patil

Canerass story

Rahulsinh was born and brought up in Sangli (Maharashtra) where abundant sugarcane is grown. After completing his graduation in Sugar Technology, he moved to Pune to pursue his MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has seen and experienced the farmer sufferings. Farmers were paid less to their higher cost of growing sugarcane. Production of sugarcane in India as well as all over the world is surplus to consumption. This was always in the back of his mind that how he can address this. While in hostel perusing his MBA he had a habit of eating healthy food and used to drink fresh fruit juices. In a hostel, it was inconvenient to get fresh juice so he started to buy ready to drink juices. He surprised to found that while established brands claims of providing natural and pure juice but when we read ingredients mentioned on the package, it said concentrate/pulp with added water, sugar, flavors etc which is not healthy. So, he thought of sugarcane juice.

It is proven now by various scientists that sugarcane juice is healthy juice and should be consumed daily. There is no organized player in this segment and hence it is not available in retail counters and general stores however it is available in small open stalls in streets but in very unhygienic conditions. Rahulsinh thought of all these and the idea of CaneRass was born which is made from real sugarcane by extracting pure juice in hygienic conditions without added flavors, sugars, water, concentrates etc which makes it very healthy.

Market Size and Competition

India fruit juice market is majorly driven by the factors such as rising health consciousness, as a result of which the consumers now prefer more organic beverages over carbonated drinks. The packed juice market size in India is estimated to be around INR 2500 CR and growing fast.  There is a vast opportunity in packed sugarcane juice market and presently there are only two players, Raw pressy and oh my ganna.

Product Availability.

The product will be launched first in western region that is Mumbai and Pune and will be expanding in other regions later. The company is confident of touching the revenue figures of INR 3 CR by next financial year.

Rahulsinh’s day@ Canerass

The day starts with Yoga in the morning and by 9 he reaches the factory, meets the works and the team.  Also, he has to travel a lot for meeting customers, to attend exhibitions and setting up logistic support.

Ajay Singh Rawat
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    Is it possible to provide distribution in andhraparadesh please contact

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