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Show all – Get Your Case Funded use first rate technology,data science,strong understanding of judicial processes and court records to help litigants get funded faster. It makes litigation journey easier by taking care of legal expenses.

Legisl8 is a social media for lawyers and legal professionals .It helps lawyers create their professional identity in the web,stay updated on the latest news and developments in their specialty,find and connect with other legal professionals and apply to the best jobs,internships and courses from leading institutions.Their case tracking helps you to track your cases and relevant details without a hassle. was founded by Kundan on 26th April 2016. He was working with EXL prior to starting up this company and worked there for approx 10 years and handled multiple roles. He wanted to simplify the journey of a litigants and lawyers and hence started the

Kundan says “I wanted to start a company hence i started. Yes, i choose a sector for which i had some vision. And the vision is very clear, access to justice for all. In our two year of journey, we learnt a lot of things and did several course corrections. Law is a mix of art and science, art is the way you (lawyer) present your case and the science is facts related to the case. Our mission is, you take care of art and we will take care of science. Our team has been consistently trying to help lawyers and litigants with the fact they require for their matters”.

The Strength or USP of is team and persistence level of everyone. Their team comprises all characteristics.Mahendra Singh, they used to work in EXL and he is responsible for all operational activities. Before, he was running a facility management start up, Himanshu Kesari, He is CTO and prior to, he was managing his own software start up wherein his team was helping small businesses and shops, getting their platform/software created. Asif, He is legal head, he has been practising at Delhi High court and is one of the torchbearer of PIL and consumer rights. Saurav, He is CMO, he is an RTI activist too, He has also helped several restaurants start up as their marketing consultants. They have a blend of excellent founding team who are on a mission to simplify the overall journey.

Kundan is a first time entrepreneur, so everything was foreign and faced the same challenges as every first timer goes thru. He discussed his plans with some friends and they liked it, and they plunged into. Started reaching out to investors with fancy PPTs, in the hope of being liked and appreciated however they were in illusion. After several rejections, few lefts as everyone doesn’t have same risk appetite, few left midway and here they are with one who stayed. They bootstrapped the company and invested their own money.The team faced several biggest issue in initial few months like Team formation, everyone liked the idea but not very sure whether they should join or not, somehow they fixed the team, their initial product failed big time or they could not generate revenue at all for approx 2 years.Initial two products were not up to the mark,they had to pivot themselves. They learnt from it and changed strategy and altered products based on the actual requirement of lawyers and litigants. Also what fits in current Indian market.

The team kept themselves very lean, they did not take office, or spent heavily on branding/marketing, they kept cost negligible, tried doing maximum things which could be done by 5 of them.Their Core initiative is they have learnt from their failure. They also realized that a start up should solve a real problem which actually exists not the one which is being done in US/UK and are successful. Identifying good team members is also very important. They focussed on right resource at right place; it is basically a legal tech,so legal team should be skilled enough to execute whatever they are managing.Their legal team is more experienced than other players in this sector. is the first company who started the TPF in India.”Our driving principle is “Let’s agree to disagree”. We disagree with the current journey of litigants hence trying to improve . We challenge the status quo and trying to improve the access to justice in India. We are bold and offbeat.We promote, innovation, transparency, respect, accountability, compassion and humility” says Kundan.

They have short-term, medium-term and long-term plans. For instance, Case Tracking, it is a short-term plan to help litigants and lawyers to have the access of their case details hassle free and timely.. The medium-term plan, in the next five to 10 years, is to make advok8 a company which actually becomes a synonym of access to justice. They are planning to start legal insurance in India. A long term plan, in next 10 to 20 years is that they want to develop a mechanism which will detect and prevent litigation in India. They believe that advok8’s products will add value to a much wider audience.


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