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9peddle – The Service provider focusing to increase your smart customer base

9peddle helps you to grow or create a subsidiary market (for any kind of company). They have footsoldiers running in the market and promote your brand specifically and achieve sales for you. Their ultimate motive is to fetch the sales for the company.

If you don’t want to get into hassle of hiring people or don’t want to micromanage the team or just say you are new into the market and don’t want to burden with the staff , 9peddle is the solution for you.

They are working in different modules for different companies.

B2B : Here they cater the companies to set up meetings with corporate, schools, hotel industry, etc and increase a new market altogether for you.
B2R : Here they promote the brands into retail shops to create a subsidiary market or undeveloped market. Product placement guarantee is provided by 9peddle after Pilot run.
B2C : Here they set up kiosks and promote brands to make people aware about the product. Main approach here will be to get in touch with the end user.

Vaibhav Panchal, Tushar Gawali and Prashant Shedge are three partners running the firm since a year. They have studied the market and understood the potential of the market for offline sales. Most of the companies senior management wastes their time in micromanagement which they are trying to resolve the issue and providing a one stop solution which will fetch them sales for longer run.

Vaibhav Panchal:
MBA Graduate with Marketing Specialisation
Prefer to stay in ground to tackle the customer issues and handle the targets to achieve on daily basis. Has an experience in Retail Channel sales with MNC companies and also has an experience in domestic sales as well as International Sales.

Tushar Gawali:
MBA Graduate with Marketing Specialisation
Tech savvy person who has a rich experience in IT Sales and B2B Corporates. He loves to do retail though and team management with enthusiasm.

Prashant Shedge:
MBA Graduate with Finance Specialisation
Has a rich experience of Stock broking with MNC. Managing finance for the company and making the targets achievable with team management skills is his fortay.

There are some agencies which can provide you offline services however they take couple of projects together and run in retail without targets. 9peddle is way different as a specific team and a project manager gets assigned for a company when it is on board with us . It is like 9peddle and companies goal are assigned and then we move together. Thus, managing in such a manner is something that makes us different from the crowdsaid Vaibhav.

The vision of 9peddle is to cater in various states of India. Currently, they are targeting in Western Region. They would like to take their services to small villages too as 9peddle sees a huge potential in small villages.
They are trying to grow their services portfolio as well , soon by year end they would be giving an entire basket as a whole wherein 9peddle will start with market research of the product and grow substantially sales with help of foot soldiers.

Web : www.9peddle.com

E-mail : vaibhav@9peddle.com

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  1. Pushkar says:

    9peddle sounds perfect for startups and businesses who wants to grow without hassle of micromanaging people .

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