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5By7- Corporate gifts supplier

5By7 is a purveyors of stunning products that some of the leading brands of the world use to excite & engage their audience. It curates and customizes well-designed promotional products for brands. The company provides swags, gifts, promotional products, and sourcing services to companies around the world.

5By7’s technology platform and supply chain has helped over 700 companies engage with its audiences in over 40 countries. Over 50 global brands across 4 continents depend on it to deliver effective product solutions. It services clients from 4 locations with a team of 15 and growing.It’s local presence in New York, Paris, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Shenzhen gives it the advantage of providing local customer servicing. It fulfills brands across several industries, from Audi in automobiles to Hyatt in hospitality. It has worked with clients in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Norway, Sweden, and several countries in Africa and Asia.

It is headquartered in New Delhi.It was founded by Ripun Jai Mehta and Piyush Suri.

Ripun co-founded 5By7. He has an MBA from London Business School. Ripun is a serial entrepreneur & has built several savvy businesses around the world. He specializes in strategy & partnerships development.

Piyush co-founded 5By7. He is an alumnus of PwC & Accenture. He has worked in Mumbai, Beijing, New York, London and New Delhi. Piyush has several years of leadership experience and specializes in marketing & product design.

Rahul Kumar Vice President, Sales. He is one of the founding members of 5By7 and heads sales. He has several years of B2B sales experiences and has managed some of the foremost global brands & Fortune 500 companies.

Like most startups, 5By7 began with a group of friends and known associates. Ripun Jai Mehta and Piyush met while working in New York, and Rahul Kumar was Piyush’s classmate at college. Given their consulting backgrounds, the trio were keen to build something that was scalable and evaluated several businesses before deciding to pursue online printing.

5By7 started out as VitaminPrint.com, an online printing company in 2012, but realised within a few months that there was a much larger gap in the Indian online B2B gifting market. The market was highly fragmented, inaccessible, and had a reputation for being unreliable, supplying poor quality and design.

The pilot was initiated with Opera Software, a Norwegian company that outsourced their entire merchandise production and management to the team. The feedback they received from Indian clients was positive and their online-curated platform soon began seeing significant traction in India.

As a marketer in today’s competitive market, your core task is to deliver desired satisfaction more efficiently and effectively than your competitors. Differentiation is becoming harder to communicate and hence mass marketing strategies like Print, TV and outdoor media are seeing a global decline in popularity. Let’s break this down; anything that is done in large numbers and with ‘one size fits all’ approach is a mass marketing strategy. You could use the same medium e.g. online, but still, have 2 very different approaches to communicate said Piyush Suri.

Website – https://www.5by7.in/

Call +91 9810100308

Email – hello@5By7.in

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