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5 ways to be a good leader!

Leadership skills are important, doesn’t matter if you are running a business, managing a team, or teaching a class. Leadership is both a gift and a privilege. You can erode the cohesion of your team if you fail to value them. Everyone on the team deserves to be valued. One of the reasons people leave a job is because they feel underappreciated. A leader should never take the credit for the work that their people do. A good leader is a generous leader who recognizes people.

“Research clearly shows that transformational leaders—leaders who are positive, inspiring, and who empower and develop followers—are better leaders,” explains psychologist and leadership expert Ronald E. Riggio.

Here are 5 tricks to become a better leader

Give your Time: “Team” stands for Together Everyone Achieves More, and great leadership comes from those who see themselves as part of a team. Make time for your team is equally important like many other tasks. Building a real personal connection with your teammates is necessary, Otherwise they therefore end up getting disturbed. Brilliant leaders always give away their most valuable resource, time.

Praise your Team: Praise is one of the most powerful things a leader can offer their team. When delivered well (and well-deserved), praise gives people the drive and motivation to continue doing the caliber of work you want to see. A good leader knows his or her team better than anyone else. If you’re looking for ways to improve your praise to criticism ratio, take 5 minutes and dig into recent work by one of your team members. Look for more than what’s wrong. Find things you like and praise them for it.

Always keep Promises: When you make a promise, keep it, even if it costs you more than you expected or you have to work much longer on it than you intended. Promise leads to expectation, and expectation leads to prediction. When predictions fail we feel a loss of control and so act to restore this by changing what and who we trust. Sometimes keeping promises can be challenging, if not downright painful. This commitment will develop discipline and integrity.

Admit when you are wrong: It doesn’t make any difference if you’ve made an insignificant mistake or a serious mistake, you need to take ownership of the mistake, admit to it. It takes a strong, confident person to say they are wrong. Sometimes people think that admitting you’re wrong is a sign of weakness, but in fact just the opposite is true–the more honest and open you are, the more people will respect you as a leader.

Have a Positive Attitude: Successful business owners, however, don’t focus on the negative. Instead, they put their energy into moving their business forward. When things go wrong, you have a choice: You can let it defeat you, or you can learn from the experience and rise above it. A pessimistic attitude projects to your clients and your employees too. It hurts your sales, your company morale and productivity, and it’s most likely affecting your bottom line as well. Find a way to put a positive spin on what just happened.

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