27 Mantraa: One-stop destination for all your ‘Spiritual’ aspirations - Launch Story
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January 31, 2019
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27 Mantraa: One-stop destination for all your ‘Spiritual’ aspirations

The chanting of mantraas, the singing of hymns, the chiming bells, performing sacred rituals and above all the holiness prevailing around the sanctum sanctorum, prompt the devotees closer to the divinity.

27 Mantraa aims to assist you, in performing remedy pujas, homam, booking a pilgrimage trip, darshan ticket, receiving a holy Prasad, visiting various religious places, sacred shrines around the country and makes you travel to your dream destination hassle-free with only prayers & mantraa’s in your mind. It has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from a group of angel investors. The start-up was advised by ANOVA Corporate Services, an Investment Banking and Advisory firm.

27 Mantraa was founded in 2016 by Ajay and Aathmika, the team was soon joined by Chandrashekar Kupperi, to leverage his financial and strategic expertise. With the strengthened management and technology as an anchor, 27 Mantraa is now endeavouring to provide customers with a holistic platform to fulfil all their religious pursuits.

“Apart from offering Pujas, Homam, Pilgrimage Package, Spiritual Trails, We offer concierge services. This is first of its kind in india. Concierge Service is our Core offering. Presently this service is available with 50 temples and soon will be expanded to 200 temples across india. 27 Mantraa currently offers these traditional solutions through its online portal (www.27mantraa.com), and has successfully performed over 900+ Poojas and Homams since its launch. It has serviced customers across Asia, with predominant service requests coming from South-East Asia and Middle East, for temples based in and around Tamil Nadu” says Ajay.

The company plans to raise the next round of pre-series A funding by June 2019. The plan is to introduce Virtual Reality Technology services for temples in the next two years.

Don’t get struck at what you don’t have. Use what you have to get what you don’t have ~ AJAY

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